Problem: You’re using Dragon Mobile Assistant, and need to make some quick changes to your settings while on the go.

Solution: Use Dragon’s new Quick Access Setting Menu – with just a few taps you’ll be on your way.

Dragon’s All-New Quick Access Settings Menu

Change your settings in a few simple steps.

  1. Launch Dragon Mobile Assistant.
  2. Tap the blue bars on the bottom left of your screen – this will bring you to the quick access menu, which lists your favorite and most used features.
  3. Easily turn features like Driver Mode, Wake-Up Word, and Voice Notifications on or off by just tapping them. Or tap Settings to see the full list of general settings for Dragon Mobile Assistant.

Differentiate Yourself with Shared Intelligence

Dragon Mobile Assistant now brings you an improved user interface and dynamic menu experience. With a single screen-tap, users can access a convenient slide-out menu on the left side of the screen, which houses some of their device’s most commonly used features – empowering users to quickly and easily complete all of their important tasks.

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Try the new, smarter Dragon Mobile Assistant for how you live, work and play! Download the latest Dragon Mobile Assistant and experience it for yourself.

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