With September just around the corner, and the school year looming, we know you’re thinking of how you can help your student (and yourself) work faster and smarter.

Here are some helpful tips on ways Dragon speech recognition can help:

  • Take notes and organize your thoughts. The number one step to working smarter is having a plan. And some of the best laid plans start with step-by-step lists of assignments or projects. A great way to organize your day is using note-taking apps, such as Dragon Notes. It lets you get quick thoughts and ideas down on paper, just by speaking, and is an easy way to manage notes the instant they come to mind.
  • Technically speaking, stock up on the right supplies. There are countless items students – and parents – stock up on when it comes to back to school. This should also include products for your computer that can help you work smarter and faster, such as Dragon speech recognition software for the PC or Mac. Because Dragon lets you focus on your thoughts – and not the process of typing – it’s a great way to capture ideas using your voice. It can make writing papers – or any document – easier. And best of all, it’s now on sale. Shop our special Back to School deals here.
  • Manage your smartphone, don’t let it manage you. Always getting caught up checking emails instead of getting your work done? Constantly checking for status updates on social media? Personal mobile assistants, like Dragon Mobile Assistant, can help. Intelligent features like voice notifications will read back your Facebook posts, text messages, calendar appointments, and incoming calls so you never miss a beat; leaving more time to focus on your work. Download it here now.

Well there you have it – our tips for helping you work smarter. Are you ready for this school year?

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