On November 16, 2012 Corporate Communications Intern and recent graduate Britt Plante was experiencing what many post-graduates feel as they embark into the real world: Confusion in the Kitchen and Hunger in the Stomach

I’m sitting at my desk and can see the sun setting over the beautiful foliage in Burlington, Massachusetts. The brilliant oranges, yellows, and reds painted across the oak and maple trees combined with that brisk fall air have always sparked an aggressive appetite in comparison to the other New England seasons. I’m dreaming of the fall smells; cinnamon, roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, thick creamy pumpkin soup and homemade apple crisp.

Then reality hits: I’ve been living on ramen noodles, spaghetti, chicken nuggets, and bagel bites due to my inability to take charge in the kitchen.

I know other recent graduates and college students struggle with the same phobia – cooking a real healthy, hearty meal in the kitchen and walking away from that frozen food isle in the grocery store. What I struggle with most is finding the time to cook, figuring out what to buy in the grocery store and well, I guess the most important part – actually cooking a meal. If I could I would hire my own cooking assistant to help with the basics along with ensuring I don’t burn down my apartment.  But, unfortunately, for now, that just doesn’t fit into my budget.

Something else does though, and it’s a free app that actually teaches me the things a personal chef would, in half the time!  I said Hello to Nuance’s new NDEV Mobile iFood Assistant from Kraft about two months ago and suddenly I found myself ditching the ramen and saying hello to Four-Cheese Pasta Florentine.

This app is perfect not only for college students and recent grads (like myself) but anybody with a busy lifestyle that needs a little guidance and creativity in the kitchen.   It has everything you need to make a meal from the first step of figuring out what you want to eat (sometimes the most time consuming) right to chowing down.

The iFood Assistant lets you browse a large variety of recipes and makes finding the perfect meal as simple as speaking into you mobile device or iPod touch requesting that tasty meal you had in mind.

Being short on time my favorite feature of the app is the 30-Minute Dinners. This provides the user with over 50 tasty meals all made in under 30-mintues like Asian Peanut Beef & Noodles, Shrimp Carbora and my personal favorite, Kraft Homestyle BBQ Chicken Macaroni.

Other features in the app include videos to help walk you through the process of making meals (basically like having a personal chef in your kitchen), a virtual recipe box to save the meals you loved (already have 22 saved), “Recipes of the Day”, and a coupon page!

Bottom line: Kraft’s iFood Assistant not only helped eliminate frozen meals, ramen and bagel bites from my diet but made cooking fast, accessible, easy and most importantly delicious. I may not be the next Julia Child but with the help of Nuance’s NDEV Mobile App I’m staying away from that frozen food isle.

Marya McLaughlin

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This was a contributed post by Marya McLaughlin. Along with her interest in Mobile, Marya is active in the Boston music scene, and records and performs with her band, Slow Century. She graduated from New York University. To see more content like this, visit the Connected living section of our blog.