We need an Internet of Things that thinks and shares

By 2020, there will be 26 billion connected devices – and CES 2017 is primed to unveil just about everything from connected trash cans to sophisticated in-car cockpits. But is being connected enough? Truth is, if we can’t easily engage with the IoT – and all those things can’t communicate with each other, the promise of a simpler, easier day to day may never come to fruition.
Interoperability calls for sharing data in the Internet of Things

The IoT is connecting more devices and systems within the home. In fact, 5.5 million new things will be connected everyday this year according to a recent report from Gartner. And while last year’s CES brought forth many firsts in conversational connected appliances, this year’s event will demonstrate the importance of connecting those connected appliances to home hubs, devices and intelligent systems. Being connected alone isn’t enough – we need our things to talk to us, and each other.

At the forefront of this market opportunity is an ecosystem of service providers, device and auto manufacturers that will leverage conversational and interoperable platforms powered by artificial intelligence.

So how do we get there and how important is AI and interoperability? Check out our latest SlideShare, “Why the Internet of Things needs AI & interoperability to succeed.”

Why the Internet of Things needs AI & interoperability to succeed from Nuance Communications

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