Greetings Dragon Fans! We’re coming to you today from the city by the bay—the Dreamforce Conference in sunny San Francisco, to be precise! And we’re not here just for the sightseeing—we’ve got really exciting news to share! Today we’re announcing an all-new Dragon for Salesforce app integrating the awesome cloud-based voice recognition prowess of our renowned Dragon Dictation app with Salesforce-specific features to provide Salesforce customers with the ability to stay connected—and be more productive—from wherever they happen to be! Available for download on the U.S. iTunes Store for the iPhone and iPad, Dragon for Salesforce enables Salesforce users to leverage the power of Dragon to collaborate on Chatter, dictate text and send it directly to their Call Log, speak updates into their Salesforce CRM, and of course speak text for SMS messages, emails, and so much more! Why type when you can talk!? And trust us….your fingers agree! 

Dragon for Salesforce is available as a FREE download for ALL customers—so download today and start collaborating the easy way! 

To learn more about the Dragon for Salesforce app, click through to read the full release here. And for support, FAQ’s & Tips & tricks, visit us at

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