Happy Thanksgiving Dragon Fans! By now, most of you have surely finished feasting, and the bravest among you are prepping for a very unique brand of madness that we’ve come to appreciate as tradition…Black Friday, of course! But this year, you iPhone users have a secret weapon at your fingertips—the tool you need to gain that competitive edge over your fellow shoppers! The one…the only…Dragon Go!
Integrated with over 180 of the top content providers across the mobile Web, Dragon Go! works just as fast as you do—giving you instant access to everything you’ll need to come away a winner! Say, for example, you’ve got a friend with Country-Western sensibilities, and a nice pair of cowboy boots would make for the perfect gift. But where oh where can you find the perfect pair!? Easy! Just say “cowboy boots near me” and watch as Dragon Go! takes you straight to Milo.com for the best deals on cowboy boots near you!
Wondering what to get that music loving cousin? Well, wonder no more! Surprise her with tickets to see her favorite artist in concert! Just say “Barry Manilow tickets” and go straight to Live Nation to see upcoming shows and get your hands on the best tickets in town! It’s that easy!
And of course, when the shopping is done and you’re ready to relax, Dragon Go! still has you covered! From streaming your favorite movies and TV shows via Netflix and iTunes to relaxing to the sound of your favorite tunes with Spotify, you really can do it all with Dragon Go! Just Say It, Get It, and Go! Whatever you’re looking for, Dragon Go! can help you find it! No typing and no scrolling through an endless list of irrelevant results—just pure, smart search with the power of your voice! So as you get ready to battle the crowds on this hectic Black Friday, don’t leave home without Dragon Go!  

But seriously…the best way to discover just how much you can do with Dragon Go! is to take it for a spin yourself! Download Dragon Go! FREE on the App Store and experience the power and convenience of the one-app express lane at your fingertips!

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