Dragon Fans we have some great news to share with you this week! Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search are now available in Turkish!  Thanks to your support, in just two days time Dragon Dictation has soared to the #1 app in the Turkish app store and Dragon Search is not far behind!

With Dragon Dictation you can stop typing and just start speaking your SMS messages, emails, social media updates and more—no more cramped up fingers!  Dragon Dictation understands and transcribes exactly what you say within seconds, enabling you to stay connected quickly, easily, and naturally.

Wondering what the weather will be like this weekend in Bodrum? What the score was from last night’s match? Or want to find a new restaurant on the Bosphorus to try out tonight? With Dragon Search, the mobile Web is at your command. You simply speak your query and Dragon Search will take you directly to the content and information you want.

Check out the NanceMobile YouTube channel  for helpful tips & tricks. And if you haven’t tried our Dragon Apps yet, you can download both absolutely free by visiting the Dragon Dictation &  Dragon Search pages on the Turkey Apple App Store.

And once you’ve tried them out, let us know what you think! Send us a comment here on our blog or on the NuanceMobileLife Facebook page.

Stay tuned for more languages coming soon!

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