Nuance gets people talking to things, cars and apps at CES 2015

CES 2015 brought with it an avalanche of new wearable devices and intelligent consumer electronics and appliances – declaring the Internet of Things, well, a thing. In fact, it’s more than a thing or a trend. It’s the way all of us will engage with the world around us forever more. Nuance was on hand at CES 2015 demonstrating how voice and virtual assistants make this new era of ‘Things’ more conversational and more personal than ever.
i.amPULS creator poses with Nuance at CES 2015

CES 2015 brought with it an avalanche of new wearable devices and intelligent consumer electronics and appliances – declaring the Internet of Things, well, a thing.  In fact, it’s more than a thing or a trend.  It’s the way all of us with engage with the world around us forever more.

Nuance certainly had people talking about and to ‘Things’ at CES 2015, as well as cars, apps, virtual assistants, devices – and even Our demonstrations focused on how voice makes our connected world incredibly simple to navigate, compelling to engage and just really cool to use.

Virtual Assistants that Serve Up Info, Content and Pizza

Nuance brought a little bit of Hollywood to its CES Suite this year, featuring the innovative i.amPULS smart band from, created by entrepreneur and entertainer  Nuance collaborated with to create AneedA, a virtual personal assistant that gets you what you need, when you need it. spent time with Nuance to talk about bringing both the PULS and AneedA to life – and showed off some of her incredibly fresh dictation skills.

Also on hand was Dom, the Domino’s virtual assistant that lets you build your own customized pizza (and anything you wish to order).  Dom, created by Nuance in collaboration with Domino’s, makes it super easy to order exactly what you want – just rattle off “Gluten-free cheese pizza with pineapple, chicken and broccoli,” and you’re done.

The Connected Home that Listens

Nuance’s CES suite had people talking to TVs and lights – which was crazy awesome, and not just crazy.  Dragon TV let people ask for ‘action movies with Bruce Willis’ and actually get action movies with Bruce Willis (Die Hard trilogy, anyone?).  And, Dragon Mobile Assistant showed off its capabilities for the connected home with a cool prototype that controls the Philips Hue lighting system – with just a few words your home goes from bland to blue in seconds.

Health and Fitness Apps get a Makeover

Nuance’s consumer health prototype app on the Samsung Gear S was also one of the highlights at Nuance’s CES suite.  Chances are if you’re into staying fit, you’re into tracking all of the data that goes into keeping you happy and healthy.  But tracking that data shouldn’t be a workout unto itself.  The amount of time we spend logging meals, activity and sleep could be much better used burning more calories, or, if you’re like me, getting more shut eye (I forget to log it, then scramble to get it in before I fall asleep).  With Nuance’s prototype, you lift your wrist, say “I had two eggs with multigrain toast, and coffee,” and voila – meal logged, calories tracked.

Your Car: More Connected and More Personal than Ever

Shifting gears a bit (see what I did there?), one of the hottest trends at CES was the connected car.  Nuance has long been creating a connection between drivers and their cars with voice and content capabilities.  And with new features like voice biometrics and a virtual assistant service “Daily Update,” Nuance is making the bond between man and machine tighter than ever with infotainment systems that know who you are by the sound of your voice, and serve up songs, traffic, calendar updates, news headlines and more, all based on your preferences.

Nuance also showcased CES Innovation Award Honoree Dragon Drive Mobile, an application platform for automakers that lets them create a customized app for smartphones that integrates directly with their in-car infotainment system.  Why so important? According to Jeffrey Hannah, vice president of automotive research at SBD:

“With the ongoing challenges surrounding Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto, many automakers are looking for new ways to offer seamless smartphone integration and utilize the smartphone for data processing in the car while retaining control of the overall user experience… This has opened the door for Nuance to offer a turn-key solution for bringing the driver’s content safely into the car.”

Nuance’s automotive voice capabilities were also featured throughout the show floor, including as part of the new Ford Sync 3 system and the QNX and Qualcomm concept car.



Finally, Nuance’s voice biometrics technology saw a lot of attention as it not only creates a more personalized experience with devices, but also one that is safer and way more convenient for consumer apps like mobile banking.  PINs are passé – you forget them, you get locked out of your account, you get frustrated.  But your voice can literally unlock a better experience and give you instant access to bank accounts, insurance information, and much more.

So in a whirlwind 84 hours, CES 2015 sets us up for another exciting 365 days of innovation, with devices, cars and apps that continue to change the way we think about and integrate technology as part of our day-to-day lives.

Did you head to CES 2015?  Tell us about your favorite trends or celebrity sighting – and what you think the next life-changing innovation is going to be this year.  If we haven’t already given it a voice, we probably will.

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