Nuance respects the AAA and its recent study, and is working to better understand the methodology and technologies surveyed as part of the conclusions drawn in its report.

We agree that driving distractions need to be minimized in an increasingly connected society and we continue to invest substantial resources toward this goal.

It is critical that industry, government and consumers share responsibility for addressing distractions, notably ones that take your hands off the wheel and eyes off the road.

We are at a point, in our mobile and connected worlds, where education, advertising and even legislation and bans have proven to be not enough to curb the very real dangers we face on today’s roads.  At the same time, innovations, particularly in domains of voice and language understanding, have made significant progress toward being a viable piece of a solution.

Despite interpretations of this recent study, now is not the time to stand in the way of this innovation for addressing concerns.  From maps and music to phones and messaging, it is critical that the industry collaborate to find a safer, smarter way – and it’s central to our mission here at Nuance as we work in tandem with our customers and partners.

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