Nuance announces next-generation Dragon Drive platform for a safer, smarter connected car

Nuance’s Dragon Drive is now comprised of three key components: Dragon Drive Connect, Dragon Drive Link and Dragon Drive Speech. Nuance’s voice recognition and text-to-speech technologies empowers drivers with services like hands-free, eyes-free message dictation, text-to-speech output and direct access to content, music and navigation.

Nuance has long been a provider of innovative voice and gesture technology for a variety of devices in the mobile space, including phones, tablets and televisions. Nuance expanded its offerings to the automobile in 2012 through its Dragon Drive solution, which leverages Nuance’s voice recognition and text-to-speech technologies to empower drivers with services like hands-free, eyes-free message dictation, text-to-speech output and direct access to content, music and navigation. Nuance’s technology was quickly adopted by some of the world’s leading automakers – including Toyota, BMW, Ford and Mercedes – and is now featured in over 70 million cars worldwide.

Today, Nuance announced a new generation of its Dragon Drive platform, which features new content and application services and integrates Nuance’s personal assistant and natural language understanding capabilities to create a customizable content delivery platform for a safer and smarter connected car.

Nuance’s Dragon Drive is now comprised of three key components: Dragon Drive Connect, Dragon Drive Link and Dragon Drive Speech.

Dragon Drive Connect is Nuance’s new content delivery and user management service that seamlessly integrates content services and applications that have been optimized for the in-car experience from some of the most popular providers, including Yelp, AccuWeather,, Twitter, Facebook and others.

Dragon Drive connect features a Transform Engine, which allows automakers to tailor content services specifically for the car and provide over-the-air updates to the Dragon Drive system. For users, this means applications will continue to work without interruption, even when updates need to occur for either the application itself, or the application interface. More importantly, this capability grants consumers access to current apps and services for as long as they own the automobile.

Dragon Drive Link delivers a dynamic cross-platform experience between the user’s smartphone and the vehicle. Users can carry an in-progress app interaction directly from a smartphone to the in-car system. For example, users can seek directions on their Dragon Drive navigation smartphone app, and those directions will automatically become available via the app in the car’s built-in system, so all users have to do is get behind the wheel and start driving. Because a user’s phone syncs seamlessly with a car’s system, their profile information for applications and services is automatically authenticated when they enter the vehicle.

Dragon Drive Speech is Nuance’s automotive-grade natural language voice platform that lets people dictate text messages and emails and access and control any application or service – embedded in the vehicle or the cloud – simply by using their voice. Just by speaking, Dragon Drive Speech allows drivers to check the weather, search and navigate to points of interest, manage their calendars, update their social media status and much more. Music search is also easier – a simple voice command allows drivers to access music that’s already in the car or streaming from a connected radio service.

Nuance today also announced the availability of its Dragon Drive Speech SDK to give developers the ability to integrate both embedded and connected voice as part of their custom applications.  Dragon Drive SDK features Nuance voice recognition, text-to-speech, speech signal enhancement and natural language technology supporting twelve languages across North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Automotive manufacturers have the benefit of integrating Dragon Drive to their offerings as either individual components or a complete package. For example, one automaker might leverage just Dragon Drive Link for its customers, while another might rely on all three components together. And, Dragon Drive is still fully customizable to help automakers maintain consistency with their brands.

Voice recognition technology is a pivotal component of the connected car, as the traditional methods for accessing content and information on mobile devices – including keyboards, touchscreens and remotes – are not suitable for the automobile. Voice recognition technology and natural language understanding allow drivers to remain connected to the world around them as they safely operate a vehicle by keeping their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road at all times.

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