Greetings Dragon Fans! The wheels have just touched down in Texas, and the Nuance Mobile team is set to take the stage at SXSW in Austin! We are excited to be joining the festivities, listening to some great music and meeting lots of new people. And although we won’t literally be taking the stage to regale the crowd with our unique musical styling’s,, we’re certainly not showing up empty handed! We’re armed with the latest and greatest from Nuance Mobile, Dragon & Swype, so whether you’re a speech enthusiast, a Swyping champion, or a little of both—we’ve got you covered!

Want some hands on time with Dragon Go! and Swype? Stop by the Continental Club Upstairs Gallery on Friday or Saturday and pay a visit to the Nuance Experience area in the ping pong room.  We’ll have live demos of Dragon Go! and a Swype Wiimote demo that is the most fun you will ever have writing a text! Extra bonus – schwag as a thank you for your visit!  To learn more about all the cool mobile apps from Nuance visit

P.S. After this much excitement we know you are going to be hungry! So after you leave the Nuance Experience at the Continental Club Gallery follow your nose downstairs and next door for what is a must-do SXSW experience- Fisher’s Bar-B-Q and More. And trust us – you will want more!


See y’all inAustin!

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