Today’s on-the-go lifestyles can be demanding, but keeping up with voicemail doesn’t have to be.

U.S. Cellular’s new Voicemail to Text service uses our industry-leading Dragon speech recognition technology to convert subscribers’ messages instantly to text, and delivers them via email and SMS.   Reading – not listening to – voicemails is simple, quick and very discreet should one be in a meeting.

And because voicemails are delivered as text, scanning and searching for key messages is easier than ever.  Users can easily find the most important messages without having to listen to every one in order.

Responding to voicemails delivered as text is as simple as sending an email or text.  Mobile customers expect the instant gratification of messaging, and Voicemail to Text delivers.

To learn more about today’s announcement, check out the full release here.

And for more information on Nuance’s voice-to-text services, visit us here.

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