Consumers crave constant connectivity – anytime, anywhere – including behind the wheel.  But engaging that content in an intelligent, intuitive way is critical.  Enter Dragon Drive!

Dragon Drive! is Nuance’s new automotive-grade natural-language voice platform created and designed for the connected car, providing automakers and suppliers the ability to bring eyes-free, hands-free message dictation  and direct access to content, music and navigation just by speaking and all powered by Dragon.

Among the most exciting services made possible by Dragon Drive! is messaging, and is the first in a variety of capabilities to hit the market. Featuring the same technology found in Dragon Dictation, drivers can have a conversational mobile assistant messaging experience that lets them speak, listen and respond to text messages and emails, while staying focused on
the road!

For instance, people  can say:

  •  “Send  a text to Anna Smith, ‘I’m stuck in traffic. I’ll be at the office as soon as  possible.’”
  • “Listen  to the email from Alex” to hear text read aloud with Nuance’s newly optimized
    humanlike text-to-speech
  • “Reply  to Alex, ‘Sushi sounds great. See you at 7.

Dragon Drive!  empowers people to make better decisions on engaging their connected world  while driving.  And we’re just getting started.  To learn more, visit

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About Fatima Vital

Fatima oversees Nuance’s global automotive and consumer electronics marketing programs, serving as the lead on solutions like Nuance’s popular Dragon Drive platform. Fatima has been with Nuance for over a decade, originally joining the company in February of 2003. Prior to her time at Nuance, Fatima’s early career included her working as a marketing director at Philips, with a focus on speech recognition solutions. Originally from Portugal and now residing in Germany, Fatima graduated from University of Siegen in Germany with a degree focused in business, marketing and finance. In her spare time, Fatima enjoys spending time with family and friends and is an active runner, skier and hiker.