Last month at CES in Las Vegas, we pulled back the curtains and unveiled Dragon TV, a revolutionary speech-driven platform that makes finding and accessing content in today’s digital living room faster and easier than ever before. And today we’re coming to you live from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with more big news! We’re excited to announce that Panasonic will leverage the Dragon TV platform to develop a new portfolio of TVs, transforming the digital living room with voice and delivering incredible usability and accessibility to content with digital program guides.

Connected TVs have unlocked a world of opportunity for consumers to experience and engage with a broad range of content, from movies and music to Internet and social media content. But as we know, the sheer amount of content available can at times be overwhelming, and the traditional remote control as we know is not able to keep up – making the process of finding what you want that much more difficult. By integrating Nuance’s powerful voice and natural language technologies, Panasonic will be able to deliver consumers the power to easily discover and engage content with the sound of their voice.

So what is Dragon TV, and what does it mean for the digital living room?

Leveraging our powerful voice and natural language technologies, Dragon TV enables users to discover content by speaking channel names, station names, show and movie names, and much more. With Dragon TV, the many options for interactivity are powerful and convenient, including dynamic text-to-speech capabilities and speech enabled access to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and your favorite Web sites on the big screen.

What’s the result? Dragon TV is changing today’s digital living room and making the “lean back experience” that we all crave a reality.

To learn more about this announcement, click through to read the full press release here. And to learn more about Dragon TV, check us out on NuanceMobileLife.


Sean McGrath

About Sean McGrath

Based out of Nuance’s Seattle office, Sean C. McGrath is a Senior Product Marketing Manager dedicated to the mobile and living room space, including the Dragon Mobile application suite and Dragon TV. Prior to joining Nuance in 2010, Sean was focused on digital marketing and analytics initiatives for organizations in the travel and financial industries. Sean holds a Bachelor’s degree from Clemson University and a Master’s degree in Marketing from Boston University. In his spare time, he enjoys playing pick-up lacrosse and traveling.