We here at Nuance are all about helping you communicate easily and freely with our voice technology. So, we wanted to spotlight a partner of ours that helps further that message: SpeechTrans.

Since 2010, SpeechTrans has been bringing the public amazing translation software and apps that can act as your own personal, portable translator. Now, they’re expanding their reach with the integration of SpeechTrans software in HP MyRoom and Windows 8, with the help of our Nuance voice technology.

Now, with the SpeechTrans app on Windows 8 and HP MyRoom you can chat in real time with two or more people in a variety of languages on your computer, smartphone or land line. Powered by Nuance, SpeechTrans Speech Recognition eliminates the need for translators and breaks through communication barriers in a number of different languages. Their mission is to create a universal translator that can be used by anyone, anywhere so that our world can communicate seamlessly and without boundaries.

For the latest and greatest make sure you follow SpeechTrans on Twitter. Have you tried SpeechTrans yet? We’d love to hear all about it! Leave your comments below.

Marya McLaughlin

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