Greetings Dragon Fans! This past Saturday we had an amazing opportunity to join in on the fun at TEDx in Cambridge, MA and rub shoulders with some truly inspiring and interesting people. With a roster of dynamic “thinkers and doers” on stage and an enthusiastic crowd eager to learn and interact, the event centered around one important question—how do you thrive? The Dragon team was out in full-force, mingling with speakers and event goers alike while demonstrating the power of Dragon. And wherever we go, the question is always the same—does Dragon really work? Of course we respond with a resounding YES, but the event goers didn’t need to take our word for it…they could see (and try) it for themselves!And try it they did! With the power of Dragon on their smartphone and at their fingertips, even skeptics quickly became believers. From pithy text messages to lengthy emails to inspiring quotes posted straight to the event’s Tumblr feed, TEDx enthusiasts experienced first-hand what millions of people around the world have come to know—Dragon just works!

In the spirit of this year’s event theme, “Thrive,” here’s a question for each of you—how will you thrive in the coming year? Will you travel the world and meet new people? Or perhaps you’ve got your sights set on thinking up that next great tech solution that solves a very real need?

Whichever path you have in mind, drop us a note and let us know! There are millions of Dragon Fans from East to West and North to South—and millions of interesting stories just waiting to be told. So connect with us on Twitter or our Facebook page and let us know how YOU thrive!


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