Problem: You’re at a party with some friends when a familiar song comes on the stereo, but you can’t remember the lyrics.

Solution: Be the life of the party and use Dragon’s web search feature to look them up! Simply tell Dragon, “Search (your preferred search engine) for song lyrics.” Dragon will display the latest search results that match your request.

Access Content, Engage on Social Networks – All by Voice

Need to search or share something quickly, but your hands are tied? Dragon’s personal assistant experience allows you to do more, hands-free! Open Facebook, update your Twitter status or conduct a quick web search – simply by speaking. Dragon offers direct access to the content you need when you want it!

Differentiate Yourself with Shared Intelligence

With so many features, Dragon’s voice recognition combined with search engines and social networking helps you accomplish tasks quickly – using your voice.

Check back next week for new ways Dragon can simplify your life through voice commands! If you haven’t gotten the new Dragon Mobile Assistant, download it here.

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Marya McLaughlin

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This was a contributed post by Marya McLaughlin. Along with her interest in Mobile, Marya is active in the Boston music scene, and records and performs with her band, Slow Century. She graduated from New York University. To see more content like this, visit the Connected living section of our blog.