Whether you watch TV a lot or a little – we all have been challenged with the same slow ‘one letter at a time type to find’ experience with the remote control. It’s traditionally been a slow, cumbersome process to select one letter at a time to spell each TV search query to find what you want on the program guide. If only there was a faster way to find what you want!

Well, times they are definitely changing! Today we announced the Sharp AQUOS TV will feature Nuance’s XT9 text input technology optimized for IPTVs.

For those of you not familiar with XT9 – it is our awesomely innovative predictive text input technology that is so smart that it can predict the word you want to type with just a few characters of the word entered.

For example, let’s say you want to find out what time new episodes of “Breaking Bad” air on TV. Simply type in “Bre..” and Nuance’s XT9 will finish your thought for you!  Or maybe you want to type in a show in another language. Not a problem, because XT9 supports over 80 languages worldwide!

Yes, please! Where can I get one you ask?!

Sharp’s 2012 AQUOS IPTV ASIA featuring Nuance’s XT9 will begin shipping later this month and will  support English, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Farsi and Arabic.  For more details on Sharp’s AQUOS TV portfolio and availability visit www.aquos-world.com


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