Here at Nuance, we are delighted to share some exciting news that Vela, a nifty new music navigation app powered by Nuance’s voice technologies, has been nominated in the 2013 SXSW Music Accelerator Awards! Past years winners include industry changers like the original Siri app and Foursquare and in a pool of more than five hundred applicants, Vela came through as a finalist along with other web-based products like AudioCommon, BioBeats, CrowdSync and Molecule Synth just to name a few.

Developed as part of Nuance’s NDEV Mobile developer program, Vela allows users to link voice control to their favorite music accounts like Spotify and Rdio through the power of Dragon.  The app is built upon making the user experience as simple and as fast possible. This new App gives users the freedom to access music, find favorite songs, unearth new musical artists and search for pop culture info all with the power of voice – in less than three seconds.

Vela is a great example of how voice and the mobile market are transforming to deliver instant gratification and adapting to the way people listen to and experience music in their everyday lives, all with the help of Nuance’s NDEV program.

Ask yourself this: Have you ever been really into a workout thanks to your incredible playlist? Then, suddenly, a slow song somehow creeps through your headphones and you are losing your groove. You fumble while trying to change the song but can’t while you’re moving. You stop the work out. Change the song. And, the groove is gone.

With Vela, you can avoid all that simply by using your voice to engage with your smartphone or device. Whether you’re at the gym, in the car, riding public transportation or tuning everything out – Vela makes your listening experience simple and easy through the power of voice.

The Vela app is currently available for free for iOS with a free version—Vela Lite and a paid premium option—Vela Pro.  To learn how to make your listening experience fast and easy check out


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