Greetings Dragon Fans! We told you we were committed to bringing the power of voice to mobile users worldwide—and for speech-enthusiasts in the Netherlands…you’re going to love this! Our world-renowned Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are now live and available for download on the Netherlands Apple App store! And as always, both apps are absolutely, 100% FREE!
With Dragon Dictation, you can quickly and easily speak text for emails, SMS messages, social media updates and so much more! And with Dragon Search, running mobile web searches is a breeze—just speak your search query, and Dragon will come back with the results you’re looking for! No typing required, so you can give your fingers a break (the good kind!)! Download Dragon Dictation & Search from your Apple App Store and start communicating the natural way!
And with Dragon Apps, you’re free to toggle between all of our supported languages in all countries where Dragon Apps are available. In addition to Dutch, Dragon Dictation & Search support U.S., U.K. and Australian English, German, European and Canadian French, Italian, Americas and European Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Taiwan Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean.
Want to see our apps in action? Check out the Nuance Mobile YouTube channel here. And once you’ve had a chance to take Dictation & Search for a spin, drop us a note here or on our NuanceMobileLife Facebook page and tell us about it!


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  • Anonymous

    Hallo allemaal,
    Ik zou het heel leuk vinden als er een helppagina in het Nederlands zou zijn.
    Ik gebruik de applicatie heel veel, maar ik ken alleen de Engelse tips en trucs.
    Komt er ook een helppagina in het Nederlands?

  • DragonMobileApps

    Uiteraard is die beschikbaar! Kijk op: voor meer informatie en ondersteuning in het Nederlands. Laat het ons gerust weten als je nog vragen hebt!


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