Turn that frown upside down: Swype on Android gets new themes, intuitive Emoji support and more

The Swype team is thrilled to provide more top requested features in the latest update to Swype on Android. New material design themes provide a seamless transition into the style of Android's latest operating system and users can now also express themselves via hundreds of Emoji. Additionally, the update brings a floating keyboard and even smarter text correction, all making for an even more enjoyable Swype keyboard!
The Swype keyboard for Android now features intuitive Emoji support and new downloadable themes

This post was originally published on February 5, 2015. It has been updated to reflect new feature availability.

Swype for Android gets Emoji keyboard








@NateMaingard, we’re excited, too!!  Swype’s latest update lets users visually express a wide range of emotions – like pure happiness (how you feel now, with the Emoji keyboard); or sadness (how you felt before Swype had the Emoji keyboard) – by choosing from hundreds of Emoji. Users can also choose from a bunch of fun object Emoji to share things like their insatiable appetite for sushi, or love of puppies. Don’t just take our Emoji for it, give it a try! Long-press on ‘enter’ to access the all new Emoji keyboard.

As if the new Emoji keyboard isn’t enough, Swype has received intelligence that there are now 19 new Star Trek™ themes available for in-app purchase. Choose from all of your favorite characters such as Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Picard, and more.



Also, users now have a keyboard experience that blends seamlessly into the Android L environment with the new and free material light and material dark themes. These free themes were designed to fit the flat and modern style of Android’s latest operating system so that your keyboard and the rest of your phone experience are in sync. This version of Swype also brings a new higher visibility theme “Bumblebee.” Offering high contrast yellow and black colorization, the Bumblebee theme is bold, bright, and easy to see. And it’s pretty darn cute.

We’re constantly thinking about new ways to improve and innovate — and take your requests seriously. So, if you have an idea or have noticed something that you think might be worth changing or updating, please drop us a (squiggly) line at the Swype Forums, on the Swype Twitter page, or let our Support Team know.

Type fast, Swype faster.

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  • Andrey

    Sorry, but emoji in Swype is not intuitive for me. Smile, sad, scared or confused are ok, but what about the rest?

    I do not know the name of them all. Is much more intuitive search for them on a panel. Why not put a panel with emojis under emoticon/smile key?

    • Jacob.W

      Hi Andrey, we’re sorry to hear you’re not loving Swype’s new Emoji feature. We know that users are very interested in Emoji and are investigating further Emoji features for future Swype versions. For now, we hope that you will have fun trying out all the Emoji. To get you started, here are a few more example words that trigger Emoji: sleepy, smug, ok, love, kiss, ghost, blushing, eyes, ear, angel, check.

      Thank you for your suggestion!

      • Heather Parmer

        Where do you find a full list though? I just finally purchased the full version and I have no idea what all of the names are either. It would definitely be better if there was a panel that opened when you pressed the smiley button on the keyboard; like Andrey said. I do really like the emoji that I’ve seen though!

        • Jacob Wilder

          Hi Heather, we’re glad to hear that you are liking the Emoji that you’ve seen so far. Your idea to add a panel of Emoji is a good one and we’re working on it. We totally hear you and are looking into it!

          • Tom

            For sure. Add the panel to next update. I’m

      • Ruth Levey

        So 7 months ago you were investigating emojis. I’ve just foolishly updated Swype and found that the long press on a no longer gives all the smiles I want. Whilst the occasional picture of a

        • Jacob Wilder

          Hi Ruth, you can still access all your smiles from the Emoji Keyboard. Once you go to the Emoji Keyboard, select the 🙂 icon on the top right. Hope that helps!

          • Ruth Levey

            (I meant long press on z in my post)

          • Kat Smith

            Oh, my goodness. Thanks so much for pointing out that long-pressing the return/enter key would bring up the emoji keyboard. I’ve been Googling for thirty minutes. The application gives NO indication that this is where the emoji keyboard is hidden, nor is it in their FAQ on how to use emojis. Yikes.

  • bethany

    I Swype I wanted iss nice smiles

  • Joshua Crews

    Now if only some of the other iOS apps like Dragon Dictation were available on Android this would get particularly interesting with how everything could interact.

  • martin gupta

    This “intuitive” implementation shows that Swype developers have zero understanding for why people use emojis. The whole idea is that you want to say something with a picture, not with words. Making you think of the word your emoji represents is so backward. Did Swype get bought by Apple?

  • Jeanne Delahunty

    Yeah, this is not intuitive at all. I just want a keyboard with all my emojis on it. Switching back to default android keyboard until Swype figures this out. 🙁

  • I appreciate the new emoji feature on Swype. However, like other responses, I’d rather click it from a list than type the name of it.

  • Andy Shanahan

    It can’t be that hard to add emojis. Having to type the word is ridiculous. Putting in swype gesture to open a page of emojis, sort of like flipping to number pad would be easier and you would have people actually happy with the emojis. As it is now people look at their big list of emojis and pick and choose what visually signals their mood/taste/activity. Come out with a full list of words that trigger emojis as a start, but not as a solution, your company is intuitive, and I really enjoy swype, but you’re behind the curve and there are plenty of other swype-esque keyboards out there who offer emojis without the user having to pull teeth to get a simple feature.

    • Jacob Wilder

      We hear you and thanks for the suggestion! We’re working on new Emoji features for upcoming versions and are excited to allow users to express themselves even better in the future.

  • John Galle

    Intuitive emoji is an okay thing and occasionally useful. Not having an emoji screen, however, is dumb

    • Jacob Wilder

      John, we’re glad to hear that Swype’s intuitive Emoji is working out okay for you. Of course we don’t want to be dumb, that’s

  • Kink Bri Joze

    I was thinking it would be

  • Alex C.

    Has anyone been able to figure out the word for

    • Rican Jay

      Isn’t that just :-/ ?

  • Amanda Cortez

    I like the word feature… I didn’t even realize I had emoji until I typed I love you or something and the heart came up… I like that it’s right there in my keyboard without having to push an extra key and wait for a huge area with emoji to pop up.. however.. I would like a list somewhere with the key words.. I noticed you have added some in the comments and I will definitely make note of them. Thanks for the update I rather like it!!! <3

  • Deidara

    Hi Guys!!! Exceptional keyboard!!!

    I’m using it on Android with Galaxy s5 and lollipop.
    Like I said, It’s great, but as always there is room for improvements 😉

    Some suggestions:

    -Emoji : I would like a classic button for them….. they are essential to me!
    -Punctuation: don’t understand why exclamation mark and question mark don’t show up when I press full stop, and I need to press ?123 instead.
    -Prediction: better and more intuitive in swiftkey for english and italian, better in sogou with chinese pinyin. Looking forward for an enhancement 😉
    -More advanced options in setting, there are so few
    -Chinese Keyboard Input Modes: there are many way to input in chinese, but i think for many people is just one or two at most. I would like an option to switch off 9 key, double pinyin, strokes etc….. and a faster way to switch between two modes.
    -Design of setting section is quite poor.

    -Dictation : offline mode would be great, and an option to switch dragon with the one from google


  • S.J. Gagne

    Swype is by far the most comfortable KB to use. I’ll always return to them because of how

    • Jacob Wilder

      Thanks for your continued support, S.J.!

  • Neil Ross

    This guy

    • Jacob Wilder

      Hi Neil, please check out the latest version of Swype available on Google Play! We’re happy to announce that we’ve added an Emoji Keyboard. Just press-hold enter then select the emoji icon to peruse hundreds of Emoji! Enjoy!

  • Tyson Herrick

    I downloaded swype through Amazon app store, now I see that there is an emoji keyboard option for Android, will this come to the app that was downloaded through Amazon as well? Thanks

    • Jacob Wilder

      Yes! The Emoji Keyboard is also available for Swype via the Amazon Appstore. Access it by press-holding on the enter key and selecting the Emoji icon. Hope that helps!

  • 1magine,

    Swype Emoticons – I Love the swype keyboard, and was pleased to now know that emoticons now accompany the keyboard, however, it’s still NOT user friendly. Will you IT/Programmers PLEASE make the accessibility of the emoticons easier to utilize by maybe allowing the user to long-press the smiley face.
    I’ve noticed that I have to hide the keyboard to enable the emoticons which is time consuming and a nuisance. The swype keyboard is the best, ALL it’s missing is the functionality of the emoticons.

    • Jacob Wilder

      Hello 1magine, in the latest versions of Swype, you can access the Emoji keyboard by press-holding on the return key, or selecting the Emoji icon in the bottom right of the keyboard when using certain apps. We know that Swype fans ♥️ Emoji and want to keep making improvements! Thanks for the feedback!

  • Greg Binde

    My emoji button stopped working on my Galaxy S5 after removing several apps. It works in landscape, but not in portrait. I also do not have any CM apps, I got rid of them when I encountered this problem the last time. Android’s blog was no help at all, which is why I’m going to the source, the company who designed swype.

    • Jacob Wilder

      Hi Greg! We’re sorry to hear that you are having problems accessing the Emoji keyboard. If you are using Swype, depending on the app that you are in, you might not see the Emoji button directly from the keyboard. If you see a return key instead, try press-holding on it and selecting the Emoji icon from the slide menu. That should bring you to the Emoji keyboard. If you need further help, please reach out to our support team at: http://bit.ly/SwypeReport . Thanks!

  • Debbie McMillan Mason

    Why is there no snowflake emoji? Also, praying hands needs improvement!