Hello again! We’ve been cooking up another way to improve your mobile text experience that I’m pretty excited about.

Since text you write on your phone isn’t always interpreted perfectly by Swype, we have been working on a feature to make it easier to go back and edit text you’ve written. The feature is called Smart Editor. It works by scanning back over text you’ve just written, looking for errors. If it finds anything suspicious, it will highlight it, and reorder the word choice list you’ll get when you reselect it. Smart Editor pushes up the corrections it thinks are better options than what’s there already.

The reason why it can find more errors than the engine finds while you’re writing out your text is that it’s looking to the left of what you’ve written as well as to the right. Here’s an example to illustrate:

You’ve started a new message, and you get “Ben busy mostly.” as the resulting text. Maybe you know someone named Ben, so you type his name a lot, and since it was the beginning of a new sentence, Swype couldn’t tell yet that you weren’t starting the sentence “Ben is coming over.” when it was picking a match for the first word. After running Smart Editor on the sentence, it’s obvious given the words on the right that a better match for the first word is “Been”, so Smart Editor will underline “Ben” and give you “Been” as the better match.

Along with Swype now finding corrections for you, any corrections you make whether Smart Editor recommended them or not are getting learned by Swype. We’ve improved how we’re doing this so we’re less and less likely to make the same mistake again each time you correct it.

That’s all, until next time, we’d love to hear what you think of Smart Editor!

ALSO NOTE: Android offers a spelling correction feature, which is also trying to find errors and underline them. Unfortunately, anything you fix using the Android feature will not be learned by Swype, and it’s only looking for words it doesn’t recognize and doesn’t take into account words around the possible error.  We recommend that you turn off “Spelling correction” in the “Language and keyboard” menu in settings, especially if you’re using Smart Editor since it will be hard to know who underlined a word with it on.


Yumi Huh

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