Swype keyboard offers new accessibility features

With each iteration of technological innovation there comes new opportunity to revolutionize the way people interact with technology – always enhancing people’s lives in one way or another. The latest additions to the Swype keyboard include accessibility-rich Nuance solutions such as Dragon Dictation as well as support for Android’s “Talkback” and “Explore by Touch” features, allowing blind and low vision users to input text quickly and easily.

With each iteration of technological innovation there comes new opportunity to revolutionize the way people interact with technology – always enhancing people’s lives in one way or another. The latest additions to the Swype keyboard include accessibility-rich Nuance solutions such as Dragon Dictation as well as Android’s “Talkback” and “Explore by Touch” features, allowing blind and low vision users to input text quickly and easily. For example, when the ‘Talkback’ feature is enabled and you begin to input text, the text will be spoken back to you. When ‘Explore by Touch’ is enabled you will hear each key spoken aloud or receive an audio cue as you navigate the keyboard.

Swype scrub featureWhen using ‘Explore by Touch,’ Swype saves you time by providing clear audio cues. For instance, if your finger is on the “p” key and you want to quickly navigate to the “z” key, doing so will result in a “clicking” audio cue. This audio cue indicates that you are moving across the keys of the keyboard. When you trace your finger over the keyboard slowly, you will hear the keys announced one-by-one as you hover over them. By providing audio cues Instead of having to hear each letter read-aloud while navigating, Swype lets you move through the keyboard easily while still not losing your place.

In addition to supporting Android’s accessibility features, we have added other features to make Swype even easier to use. Our unique “scrub gesture” lets users utilize our predictive text input option by cycling through word choice options in a way that no other keyboard does, providing quick access to alternative words. The scrub gesture is user-friendly and can be initiated by gliding over the top of the keyboard.

To use the scrub gesture, just follow these steps outlined in the below video:

Swype also comes with the power of Dragon Dictation. Our best-in-class voice recognition solution is perfect for those times where you’d rather dictate to your device. The dictation UI is easy to navigate, and includes a button to switch back to the keyboard layer. You can even select from a variety of options to set your desired speech language.

Download Swype in the Google Play Store or the Amazon Appstore for Android now.

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  • Helpful in ER, able to retrieve my meds list before the nurses and doctors. Helps make me feel safer and in control. And I haven’t even explored all the features yet!

    Siri WHO??? Apple is teh suck. Srsly.

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  • Josh Legoza

    Call me when you introduce the feature that keeps it from crashing my phone daily and making it lag when its actually running. Uninstalled Swype and problem went away. Shame too since I had used swype for 3+ years and loved earlier versions of it.

  • Josh Legoza

    Thanks for paying more attention to your censorship than you do your app’s functionality! Removing my comment about your app crashing my phone daily is despicable!

    • MelissaDirth

      @joshlegoza:disqus sorry about that, not sure what happened but we did not remove your comment. See below – thanks!

      • Josh Legoza

        Thanks Melissa!

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  • Perfectly Peg

    In advance I apologize because I do not intend any rudeness. But I am really getting offended by your double talk. You push all this media that implies how you are such a strong supporter of people who need help, yet you can’t seem to create a website that is intuitive for the disabled population without being disrespectful or condescending. I have DNS 12.5 and I am trying to increase my productivity as I am losing brain power or at least retention.
    I kind of felt that you are telling me that you have more beneficial components like “dictate” as well as an app for my phone, but no matter how hard I search, you just take me in circles of inflated hype that never leads to any real help. It has just been such a waste of my valuable time. It may not seem important to you, but I’m burning daylight here and if I have to choose how to spend my last time on this planet, sorry, it isn’t going to be with your tangled web of advertising , when all I’m asking is how to email my grand daughter more efficiently. It’s not rocket science I know, but you make me feel embarrassed that I am scrounging around digging all over the place just looking for a download or a price or something for pets sake that doesn’t take me in circles. How about just calling a product by the same name a few times so we’ll get used to which ones we have and which ones we don’t. But then I don’t think you’d be all that broken up over double selling people software they already purchased in a previous package. Your information is as vague as I have seen on the web. The web is my only link to the outside world, so I don’t just use a computer, I am the computer and cannot live without it.
    Yes you have a good product, but I get the distinct impression that you feel somewhat embarrassed for there being a lack of something earthshattering to sell us. So you just put a louder spin on old stuff. Please stop insulting my intelligence. Give me direct answers and respect me enough to know that if your product is helpful I will remain loyal. You don’t need to keep reinventing the wheel.
    I hope you take this letter as an offer that was my best intentions to help you communicate better with a small sector of people I know, but not less important and it might hopefully help someone down the line.
    perfectly peg

    • MelissaDirth

      Hi Peg, thank you for sharing your feedback with us and for being such a loyal Dragon fan. It sounds like you may still have some questions regarding Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 so I’d like to offer a couple of resources in hopes this helps you to better optimize your time. A couple of resources you may like are the Dragon 12 user workbook and the commands cheat sheet, both find here: http://www.nuance.com/support/dragon-naturallyspeaking/index.htm
      You may also want to take a peek at our how-to videos on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/NuanceDragon

      If you have any additional questions regarding support (including sales, tech support, etc.) please do not hesitate to reach out. We’re more than happy to help!


  • vpl2day

    ..I came to this comment by PerfectlyPeg through a link from the article “What one of the world’s funniest men can teach us about depression.” That article, by Dr. Nick van Terheyden, discussed the disability of depression, as related to the death of Mr. Robin Williams. The Dr. points out that “our understanding of depression is still limited.” He mentions the struggle with depression is an on-going (and daily) challenge. He also says that “We need empathy, compassion and tolerance in our society” today.
    ..PerfectlyPeg, evidently a long term customer, relates her frustration with finding answers in the Nuance wesite. Peg mentions “losing brain power or at least retention” and sees the site as failing to be “intuitive for the disabled population without being disrespectful or condescending.” To state the obvious, Peg relates her personal fight with a disability; and asks for a little understanding.
    ..The Nuance reply, intended to be helpful, ends with a kind “do not hesitate to reach out.” PerfectlyPeg was already reaching out. The help offered (to her and other disabled persons who can relate) is that we should go read the manual and look at the videos (again). Now I must note that Peg did not seem to ask a specific question, so a specific answer is hard to give. The moderator does well to provide resources and does offer to be available to help further. However, going back to the point of the “depression (disability)” article, the constructively critical question here is, what real help and understanding was actually offered? The reply tries to help as best as able, and yet may be lacking in the needed empathy and understanding of the deeper struggle of the disabled customer.
    ..Dr. Nick van Terheyden is the Chief Medical Information Officer for Nuance. I would offer that perhaps the doctor’s efforts need to include helping the website designer and moderators, indeed the entire corporation, with the understanding, empathy, and compassion that he very correctly says our society today needs. And then Nuance, if it is indeed a caring corporation, will not one day themselves be “the people wondering: what if… should have… could have done…”