Swype scores new Major League Soccer keyboard themes, available now for Android

Nuance is excited to announce that it is now an official licensee of Major League Soccer! What does this mean for you, Swype users and MLS fans? MLS keyboard themes for Swype! Whether you’re tweeting the latest score or reminding your friends via a mass text of just how awesome your city’s MLS team is... you can do it all while showing your team affiliation with pride, right on the most powerful and popular keyboard for Android.

From Toronto to Seattle, Major League Soccer is one of the most popular professional sports leagues in North America. MLS’s ever-growing fan base is not only passionate about the game, but also highly active on mobile – did you know that 76% of MLS fans own a smartphone? MLS fans are excited about soccer and big consumers of the latest technology.

Well wouldn’t you know it: Swype users are also big soccer fans! This was made evident to us in the amount of soccer-related chatter reflected in the Living Language data we tallied during the 2014 World Cup. The idea occurred to us that there could be a good amount of overlap among Swype users and MLS fans – wouldn’t it be cool if we found a way for these two groups to come together in a brand new keyboard experience?

After some fancy footwork, we think we’ve scored a big one here: today we are thrilled to announce the availability of MLS keyboard themes for Swype! Swype users and MLS fans can now choose from 19 MLS team themes to personalize their Swype keyboard experience even further. New keyboard themes are the biggest feature request with every release of Swype and it’s clear that users are looking for new and original ways to express themselves in mobile. With a brand as exciting as Major League Soccer, the possibilities are truly endless and we look forward to bringing more innovative experiences to the keyboard in the future.

To get an MLS team theme, ensure that you’ve got the latest full version of Swype from Google Play. With the keyboard on your screen, hold down on the Swype key to open Settings and then select “Themes.”

(MLS keyboard themes are $1.99 each for a limited time, but we’ve also lowered the price of Swype to $0.99 – go for it!)

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