Nuance is proud to announce that the latest version of Swype incorporates support for Hinglish (a mixture of Hindi and English). Hinglish has always been an immensely popular medium of communication for young India, and our Indian Swypers can now quickly Swype Hinglish words like chai, paani, desi, garam, masti, jungli, etc. –  isn’t it ekdum mast!

Swype’s mixed-language Hinglish database consists of tens of thousands of Hindi words transliterated into Latin script, as well as a vast English wordlist enabling users to type either in Hindi and English jaldi jaldi.

What’s more, Swype’s living, learning keyboard adapts to the users’ unique way of communicating – becoming smarter and more personalized every time you use it. You can download Swype ka naya version yahaan se – Happy Swyping in Hinglish, everyone!

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