With the latest release of the Swype Beta (1.4.9) we bring in some exciting additions and some less exciting, but very helpful fixes. We’ve improved tap responsiveness, added support for Hindi and Belgian Dutch and revamped our Smart Editor feature.

To start things off, tap responsiveness has been overhauled for all languages. All you tappers out there will notice a snappier typing experience in our latest release. The time between pressing a key on the keyboard and seeing that letter on your screen is now lower.

One of the most noticeable additions this release is support for Hindi and Belgian Dutch. Our Beta community has been asking for Hindi for quite a while, and we’re very happy to finally provide it! You will now be able to use a Belgian Dutch based AZERTY keyboard instead of the Dutch QWERTY keyboard. More importantly, we offer Advanced Language Models for these languages which take advantage of word context and next word prediction algorithms, ensuring that you get the most accurate word predictions. With the addition of Belgian Dutch and Hindi, we are expanding our already large collection of supported languages.

We have also made significant improvements to our Smart Editor feature. To recap, once you finish a sentence with punctuation, Smart Editor will examine it word by word and suggest alternative choices if another previously suggested word makes more sense. Though we have had Smart Editor since Swype Beta 1.4, we have used feedback from the Beta community as well as our QA department to hone it and make it better than ever. With this release, we’re putting forward the best Smart Editor experience yet.

In addition to improved responsiveness, two new languages, and Smart Editor fixes, we’ve made some behind-the-scenes changes. Mostly these changes include fixes and minor adjustments to the UI. Many thanks to our outstanding supporters and active Beta community for their help in improving Swype Beta, enjoy the newest release!

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