CES calls it the “year of the connected car” and Its no secret that Dragon Drive is making the in-car conversational experience a widespread reality. Two key announcements at CES attested to its growing popularity.

First, Nuance and Chrysler announced that Nuance’s automotive grade connected car platform is powering the voice capabilities of Chrysler’s Uconnect Access services. With Uconnect, drivers can enjoy hands-free message dictation, navigation and local business search simply by speaking. Uconnect Access is
the first offering from a U.S. auto maker that introduces cloud-based, hands-free, voice-activated texting.

In another “first”, Hyundai also unveiled its connected car prototype at CES with a new voice-enabled infotainment system powered by Dragon Drive. Hyundai’s new infotainment system deeply integrates Nuance’s Dragon Drive natural language understanding automotive voice platform to showcase the power of conversational interfaces as part of a safer, smarter in-car experience. Hyundai is also among the first automakers to introduce “Welcome Mode,” leveraging Nuance’s personal assistant capabilities designed for the connected car. Drivers are greeted with a personal message when they enter the car, along with personalized greeting using Nuance’s text-to-speech. Other services demonstrated as part of the Hyundai Dragon Drive prototype included universal destination entry with POI, hybrid music selection, message dictation and calendaring.

Automotive connectivity and infotainment were real showstoppers this year – a good indication that with Nuance on board, drivers can look forward to an exciting new driving experience in 2013!




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About Fatima Vital

Fatima oversees Nuance’s global automotive and consumer electronics marketing programs, serving as the lead on solutions like Nuance’s popular Dragon Drive platform. Fatima has been with Nuance for over a decade, originally joining the company in February of 2003. Prior to her time at Nuance, Fatima’s early career included her working as a marketing director at Philips, with a focus on speech recognition solutions. Originally from Portugal and now residing in Germany, Fatima graduated from University of Siegen in Germany with a degree focused in business, marketing and finance. In her spare time, Fatima enjoys spending time with family and friends and is an active runner, skier and hiker.