The Swype team is happy to announce the availability of the next generation Swype keyboard at The new Swype is a “living keyboard” that continuously adapts and improves over time, becoming smarter and more personalized as you Swype, speak, tap and write.  New features include:

Next Word Prediction: Swype’s next word prediction is more intelligent than ever. Imagine your device figuring out what you will type based on the history of how you’ve used specific words in relationship to one another.  A cutting edge Advanced Language Model, the latest XT9 algorithms and a robust Dynamic Language Model all work together to be able to (almost) read your mind.

Voice-Text Dictionary Syncing: Every new word you enter in the keyboard gets added to your unique dictionary. These updates are then mapped into our unified language model, which means that you can immediately speak or write that same word.  This instant personalization truly allows for your device to be an extension of yourself.

Multimodal: No matter how you want communicate, Swype offers the best keyboard experience hands down (figuratively and literally). Multitasking is easier than ever when your hands are busy. Have a cup of coffee in your hand but want to respond to a text?  One-handed Swyping is faster and easier than ever. Want to use all 10 fingers and touch type on a tablet QWERTY?  Swype’s super accurate algorithms and next word prediction help provide speedy and accurate typing.  Like to walk and talk? Simply speak your content and Dragon’s voice recognition software does the rest. For every input need that may come up, Swype has you covered.

Language Downloads: Swypers everywhere rejoice! Swype now supports the download of over 55 languages.

Wanna learn more? Visit Swype fans are also invited to meet the Swype guys at several Swype Launch Celebrations happening in the US. Below are a list of cities and the times/locations of the events. The first few fans to show up will get a free Swype t-shirt plus an opportunity to chat with the folks who created the product.

San Francisco:

  • 6/20/12 (8-9PM)
  • Infusion Lounge – 124 Ellis Street San Francisco, CA, 94102




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