Hello Dragon Fans! A lot of questions have come in asking if you can dictate commands or punctuation marks with Dragon Dictation. Ends up it couldn’t be easier! All you have to do is include them in your dictation and Dragon Dictation will automatically translate these into punctuation marks on your email or text.  So for example, just say “comma”, “period”, etc. Some special symbols such as “$”, “%” are automatically placed in context in your email or SMS. You can also perform some basic text commands; for example you can say “New Paragraph” to start a new paragraph in your email.


Check out this video which shows you just how easy it is!


Also, here is a list of the most commonly used punctuation marks and commands.

Commonly used commands:

“New Line” or “Next Line” Brings the cursor to a new line.
“New Paragraph” or “Next Paragraph” Brings the cursor to a new line and starts a new paragraph.

Commonly used Punctuations

& “ampersand” or “and sign” . “period”
: “colon” ? “question mark”
! “exclamation point” , “comma”
= “equal sign” @ “at sign”
/ “forward slash” or “slash” “hyphen”
“begin single quote” or “open single quote” “end single quote” or “close single quote”
“begin quote” or
“open quote”
“close quote” or
“end quote”
( “left parenthesis” or
“open parenthesis”
) “right parenthesis” or “close parenthesis”
% “percent sign” $ “dollar sign”
# “pound sign” ° “degree sign”




So the next time you need to send out an email or text, use some punctuation marks in there!  If you have more questions or comments about any of our Dragon Apps, drop us a note here or on our NuanceMobileLife Facebook page  and let us know—we’ve got the answers!

See you next week!


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