Greetings Dragon Fans! Our Thursday Tips series is back, and today’s topic is sure to grab the attention of polyglots in the audience. Dragon Dictation & Dragon Search are now available in 27 languages worldwide (and counting), and many of you have asked us if it is possible to switch between supported languages at your choosing. The answer is YES! You’re free to toggle between as many as you’d like—and all it takes is a few quick taps.

So how do you switch between languages?

It’s easy. Try this:

1) Tap settings (the wheel icon on the lower right corner of the screen)

2) Tap “Language”

3) And voila…all the available languages are a tap away from you!

(If you also want to switch the UI, change the UI language on your iphone by going to Settings-General-International-Language)

So go ahead and indulge the polyglot in you! And if you have more questions about any of our Dragon Apps, drop us a note here or on our NuanceMobileLife Facebook page  and let us know—we’ve got the answers!

See you next week!  ¡Hasta la próxima semana! Vi ses nästa vecka!


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  • Josée Sévigny

    I can’t find the version number but I’m running iOS 9.3 on iPad. The gear icon is hiding under the “Download” icon… rather than a Menu icon. Not a great UX when you have to search under Apple Settings because you don’t see a gear in the app and you believe that a Download icon mean Download.

    • MichaelFreidgeim

      Agree, very unexpected UX. I was about to uninstall the app before I found this post.
      Instead of writing tips authors should change the app to be more intuitive.

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