Never on time? Keep finding yourself late to those important meetings? We’ve got the answer to keep you on track! Set alarms with Dragon Mobile Assistant using simply the power of your voice.

Step 1: Simply say “alarm”.

Step 2: Dragon will ask what time to set the alarm. Answer with your chosen time – ex. “7 p.m.”.

If you’re in a hurry, you can set the alarm in one step – just say “set alarm for 7 p.m.”.  It’s that easy! Now you’ll never be late again!



Marya McLaughlin

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This was a contributed post by Marya McLaughlin. Along with her interest in Mobile, Marya is active in the Boston music scene, and records and performs with her band, Slow Century. She graduated from New York University. To see more content like this, visit the Connected living section of our blog.