The temperature is getting hotter, the flip flops are out, and more folks are taking nice, long drives – convertible optional. The signs that summer is just around the corner are here. And for me, summer always means the coolest music events like Summerfest and Gathering of the Vibes, BBQs, and tons (and I mean TONS) of weddings.

With a schedule this packed, it’s hard to keep on track with day-to-day events. But this summer you can organize your busy life with Dragon Mobile Assistant. Here are some quick tips that may come in handy when you’re on-the-go this summer:

  • Update your calendar while you’re on the move – never miss an important task or date again! Just tell Dragon to “Create an appointment” or “New meeting,” and answer Dragon’s prompts for the date and time. Then, tell Dragon to “Save” and you’re done!
  • Use Dragon’s Driver Mode to navigate your way on your summer road trip. Simply say ‘directions’, ‘navigation’, or give a specific address and Dragon will handle the rest.
  • Locate friends in the crowds at concerts. For example, just ask Dragon Mobile Assistant, “Where is Alyssa?” Dragon will find Alyssa in your contacts and send her a text requesting permission for her location. Once your friend has shared her location, Dragon will send you a map with a pin designating exactly where she is!
  • Connect via social media to plan a meet-up. Say “update status” for Facebook, or “send tweet” for Twitter, tell Dragon what you want to say, and when you’re done, say “post” and Dragon will take care of the rest.
  • Try a new local eatery with our Yelp search feature. To search for a new hidden gem, simply tell Dragon “Find a local Mexican restaurant.” (Just insert whatever style of food you’re craving, of course.) Dragon will take you directly to our Yelp search tab where you can peruse your choices.

Ready to tackle summer 2013? Of course you are with Dragon Mobile Assistant at your side!

Haven’t downloaded Dragon Mobile Assistant yet? Get it here now.

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Marya McLaughlin

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This was a contributed post by Marya McLaughlin. Along with her interest in Mobile, Marya is active in the Boston music scene, and records and performs with her band, Slow Century. She graduated from New York University. To see more content like this, visit the Connected living section of our blog.