Today Apple unveiled the new iPhone 4S with a compelling integration of voice technology – which is incredibly exciting to us, as it marks a sea change in how consumers leverage voice technology. Dictation and voice-enabled interfaces have been experiencing unprecedented adoption in the market, and voice – as a mainstream, primary interface – will now be in the hands of millions and millions more consumers around the world.
Consumers like and want more voice.  Nuance has seen this first hand, with the overwhelming success of our Dragon apps, including Dragon Dictation and Dragon Go!.  And of course, there is the success of the apps built by a broad array of our partners, including those that are powered by Dragon through our NDEV Mobile developer program, as well as those built in collaboration with some of the largest handset and auto manufacturers and carriers.
Working with our partners, we have proven that voice truly works.  We’ve advanced the technology to a level where it is now an expected element of nearly every mobile interface, and where our solutions are used by millions of consumers everyday in phones, cars, tablets and many other devices.
Nuance’s technologies and their recent deployments have demonstrated to the world how powerful advanced speech technologies are when deeply integrated on a device: Accuracy, speed, languages and understanding are all combined to deliver a seamless and unprecedented user experience.  Simply said – we’re building better mobile experiences.
We are simultaneously broadening the range of the languages we support, as well as deepening our understanding of these languages. Our users can increasingly speak naturally and have their device or car understand not only what they say, but also what they mean. Our Dragon Go! iPhone app launched this summer does just that, by interpreting the intent of users’ queries and taking them directly to an app or content that best fulfills their intent. In this way, Dragon Go does not limit users’ choices and replace their favorite content sources and apps, but rather complement these by making their use far more efficient. Dragon Go! gets smarter with every update: we just announced new capabilities like video streaming from Netflix, direct access to Spotify, and the ability to quickly answer questions with and Wolfram/Alpha. Our learnings and technology enhancements driven by this, and other Nuance apps are made available to partners to in turn enhance their own applications and mobile interfaces in a brand-friendly manner.
And we’re just getting started.
Today, people can quickly find and listen to music, access streaming movies, find local retailers, get reviews, make reservations, and more.  But we’ll quickly see these capabilities evolve where people can access their social network by asking “What did Kate think of Slanted Door in San Francisco?” and instantly post a note to their Facebook wall about getting together for dinner – all by using natural speech.
The voice interface is becoming the mobile interface.  And Nuance is playing a key role in that evolution – building better mobile experiences for consumers all over the world.


Vlad Sejnoha

About Vlad Sejnoha

As Nuance's Chief Technology Officer, Vlad Sejnoha oversees Nuance's research and focuses on core technology and product strategy, with an emphasis on emerging areas including natural language processing and mobile applications. Prior to joining Nuance, Vlad was Chief Scientist at L&H, and earlier at Kurzweil AI, where he was responsible for creating technology for a number of commercially successful speech recognition products, including large vocabulary continuous speech dictation systems. Vlad has over 20 years of experience in the field of speech recognition and holds thirteen US patents. Vlad is originally from the Czech Republic and later moved to Montreal and Mexico City for several years. He has since put down roots in the Boston-area where he currently lives with his wife and son. In his spare time, Vlad is an avid cyclist and diver, often traveling to various exotic locations such as French Polynesia.