How close are you with your TV? Mine knows me by voice

Talking to your TV no longer seems like such a crazy thing to do. For the television alone, we saw 65 million voice requests last month in the Nuance Cloud – a 303% year-over-year growth. Leveraging the power of Nuance voice biometric technology, Panasonic is now able to offer its customers TVs that not only listen and return results, but deliver content that is catered to the unique preferences of the voice they hear talking.
Panasonic TVs with voice biometrics know you by voice to deliver the content you want, faster.

Talking to your TV no longer seems like such a crazy thing to do – and no, shouting in excitement when your team scores doesn’t count! We mean talking – saying something and expecting a response in return. In fact, people in living rooms all over the world are doing so to bypass the frustrations of their remotes. For the television alone, we saw 65 million requests last month in the Nuance Cloud – a 303% year-over-year growth.

Want to see comedies with Jonah Hill? Just ask your TV and voila – you’ve got the lineup of everything he’s in on cable, on-demand and streaming services.

Panasonic has been working with Nuance to simplify TV search and control with voice for some time now, and recently they’ve made the experience more personal with the integration of voice biometrics.  Panasonic’s Smart VIERA TVs don’t just understand what we’re saying – now they can know who we are. As soon as I speak – even something as simple as, “My channel” – my TV recognizes who I am through my voiceprint (think of it as a fingerprint for your voice). Using that, it can present a personalized home screen that puts my recently-watched shows and movies, favorite channels, and maybe even my social media feeds (try not to tweet right after a new episode of Game of Thrones) right in front of me.

So when I’m binge-watching Mad Men, that next episode is ready and waiting for me as soon as I speak to my television. I don’t need to go looking for it, because the television correctly tells itself, “Hey, that’s Dan. He likes these shows.”

Voice biometrics for the TV isn’t limited to one person – it works for an entire household. So when my wife speaks to the TV, her content is brought up right away. Because why should she have to sift through my queue of Don Draper’s dealings when she is really looking for The Walking Dead?

Consider how often we casually tell acquaintances that a certain show is our favorite, or that we love a specific actor or actress. We develop personal connections with content – one that we perhaps don’t always realize is there. And if these experiences are indeed personal, our televisions should be equipped to reflect that. Speech recognition made content discovery easy. Voice biometrics makes it even easier, and more personal.

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