We just introduced Swype for Android on the Google Play store last week (get it here), and it got us thinking – what’s everyone’s swyping style – the way you input text on a touch screen? We all have our own personal flare – and that definitely extends to how we use our mobile devices. So we thought we’d share our Swype personas to see which one suits you.

So what’s your Swype style?


The Original Swype input style is still the holder of the Guinness World Record for fastest time to input a message on a touch-screen mobile phone.  Are you a busy multi-tasker? Swype’s one-handed input abilities makes your life that much easier.


Swype’s best-in-class prediction combines your personal language style with the letters around where you tap to allow for rapid sloppy typing. Smart Editor highlights likely errors and provides substitutes for quick and easy edits on the go.


Swype has the BEST predictive experience and the most accurate next word prediction and sentence completion.  Tap into the power of the longest extensive phrase and sentence-based prediction model out there – that’s right, Swype can easily predict commonly used long phrases like “dancing with the stars” or “best of the best.”


Prefer to say it your way? Dragon Dictation’s world-renowned voice recognition lets you go hands free and turns your voice to text quickly and accurately with a simple press of the Dragon flame. (And if you also happen to be a Dragon Mobile Assistant user, simply Swype from the Swype Key to the Dragon Flame on the keyboard and voila! your personal assistant is at your command.)

Haven’t downloaded the new Swype yet? Get it now and find your Swype personality! 

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