Do you constantly misspell words when you’re typing on your touchscreen phone? Be it messaging, sending mail or just social networking, it can be frustrating if you’re spending more time correcting misspelled words or making unnecessary keystrokes. Typing on your touchscreen can be easier, and that’s why countless mobile users Swype. And now with the All NEW Swype for Android, just released on the Google Play store (get it here), you can replace your on-screen keyboard and type faster and smarter!

If you are a Swyper, or have never Swyped before, here are some reasons to get started.

With Swype, instead of tapping out letters on your screen, simply trace those letters along the keyboard and Swype fills in the words for you. Thanks to exclusive features such as Swype Living Language (crowdsourced trending words), you have at your fingertips the most dynamic keyboard available today that delivers a predictive input experience that is incredibly simple and fast.

  • Get a more personal mobile experience – With Swype’s living keyboard, the more you Swype, speak, tap or write the more Swype adapts to your specific style, continually adapting to YOU.
  • Get more done, faster – Whether texting with friends, sending emails, or updating your social status, there’s a considerable amount of typing required. Swype makes your on-screen keyboard faster and smarter, instantly, cutting down on typing time – and frustration!
  • Never misspell a word again – With the Smart Editor, just tap on underlined words and Swype suggests what you’re most likely looking for with the correct spelling.
  • Do just about everything with a single keystroke – Swype’s shortcut “Gestures” let you quickly accomplish common tasks like: Capitalization, Punctuation Select All, Copy, Paste and even switch languages.
  • Love Swype and Dragon Mobile Assistant? Simply Swype from the Swype key to the Dragon Flame and have instant access to Dragon Mobile Assistant.

Still not convinced? Check out Swype in action.

Are you ready for the Swype life? Get it here now!


Marya McLaughlin

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