Greetings Dragon Fans! Winter weather have you dreaming of warm, relaxing climates? Well, we have good news for you – just tell Dragon Go! where you want to go and go directly to Expedia featuring trip planning options on the dates you are looking to get away.

Sound too good to be true? Give it a try for yourself – grab your iPhone and let’s plan a trip!

Let’s go to Jamaica shall we? Simply press the Dragon Go! record button and say, “Find a flight from Boston to Jamaica on March 1.”

Dragon Go! understands what you want and delivers you directly to the Expedia tab where you can browse travel schedules, prices and reviews to find the perfect fit. Boom! Flight is done!

So – where should we stay? Simply say “I am looking for a hotel in Montego Bay” and Dragon Go! will immediately pull up Expedia featuring available hotel options and visitor reviews.  Want to also see what folks across the Web  are saying about Montego Bayhotels as well? Simply flick the Dragon Carousel over to the Twitter and Yelp tabs to get additional perspective and then slide on over to YouTube to see recent videos of local hotels and the beautiful beaches they offer visitors.  And with this – research is done – now just flick back to the Expedia page to book your hotel of choice.

And you won’t want to keep this gem of a find to yourself. You can easily share your Expedia tropical paradise destination with friends and family via the Dragon Go! pop-up that give you sharing options across email, Facebook, SMS, Twitter, Skype and more.

Trip planning – done! Yep- it really was that simple to quickly and easily to look up flights, reserve a hotel, read travel reviews and so much more on Expedia – with just one ask of Dragon Go!

Just Say It, Get It, and Go! Download Dragon Go! FREE for iPhone and iPod Touch on the U.S. iTunes store today – and leave those winter blues behind. Thanks Expedia!

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