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Nuance supports Apple’s newly announced Business Chat Developer Preview

With the Nuance Digital Engagement Platform working with popular messaging features, brands are able to initiate direct conversations for efficient, conversational customer service or sales engagements.
Nuance and Apple are working together to bring customer service to Apple iMessage through Business chat

The Nuance Digital Engagement Platform supports Apple’s newly announced Business Chat Developer Preview feature in the iOS 11 beta Messages app. When Business Chat becomes publicly available in 2018, your business can use our platform to connect with customers on Apple devices to have personalized conversations, schedule appointments, and even complete purchases with Apple Pay. Businesses can start developing and testing Business Chat use-cases now with Nuance and our supporting services.


Nuance Customer Service Messaging

Over 6,500 enterprises worldwide, including many of today’s leading brands, have selected Nuance to enhance and automate customer service – with an estimated 14 billion customer engagements flowing through Nuance solutions each year.

Nearly two years ago Nuance introduced Customer Service Messaging, supporting chat within popular messaging apps, SMS and more, as well as messaging within enterprise apps. By supporting automated and human-assisted engagements within our platform, Nuance gives enterprises everything they need to “turn on” Customer Service Messaging for a modern customer engagement that is convenient, timely, and what consumers want. Here’s how:

Messaging is ubiquitous and always “on.”  Enterprises will get millions of chats a day, every day, and it simply isn’t affordable to hire thousands of contact center agents to handle the volume – nor to expect that the contact center can be staffed 24 hours a day, every day.

Combining real-time and asynchronous messaging ensures that customers get answers even when agents are not available. Messages can automatically be sent to the customer to share an estimated time for a response to let the customer know that progress is being made on their request.

The solution is to use the Nina Virtual Assistant to be the “always on” virtual agent. Nina delivers first contact resolution of 80% and more – indicating that the consumer gets all the information they wanted from the Nina virtual agent. This means that 20% or less of incoming messages will need to be routed to a contact center agent.

Human assistance is made possible by the Nuance Digital Engagement Platform, which leverages NLU routing to automatically detect the customer request and route to the agent or agent pool who is best able to service the customer for that specific request.

This shortens the time that it takes to engage with the customer and speeds up the process of getting the customer the answer they need.

Read more about Nuance Customer Service Messaging for Apple Business Chat.


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