As you wish. An inconceivable way of serving customers.

To many customers, an “As you wish” customer service is “inconceivable!" We celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Princess Bride by looking at four ways to make your brand’s customer service say, “As you wish.”
Take an "as you wish" attitude with your customers to exceed their customer service desires

As you wish. That’s the catch phrase that resounds with Princess Bride fans as the movie’s 30th anniversary has recently passed and TCM plans a special showing in theatres on October 15. One of the reasons this silly romantic comedy has become such a cult classic is that it is littered with phrases like “Inconceivable!” and “Wuv, tru wuv,” that find a resting place in the back of our minds.

One of my favorites is “As you wish” – that statement of devotion and tru wuv that Westley proclaimed to Princess Buttercup. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to get customer service that said, “As you wish”? There are a small handful of establishments that follow that mantra when it comes to how they treat their customers, but this philosophy is pretty hard to find with voice or online customer service. Customers are underwhelmed by the digital experiences most brands deliver. Only 7% of brands are exceeding customer expectations, and part of the reason is that their queries are not being answered or solved. To many customers, an “As you wish” customer service is “inconceivable!”


Here are four ways to make your brand’s customer service say, “As you wish.”

  1. Conversational IVR gives human-like interactions that allow customers to self-serve and successfully resolve issues within the IVR. Natural Language Understanding enables the IVR to understand customers’ speech and intent, and delivers an intuitive service experience that anticipates the caller’s needs.
  2. Virtual assistance provides immediate, personalized self-serve assistance across various channels. It enables an intelligent, human-like dialogue between consumers and your brand, either by typing or speaking, yet frees up live agents to assist customers with more complex questions. A virtual assistant becomes smarter over time by learning from past and current interactions happening in your digital channels to constantly optimize the behavior and improve the accuracy of responses.
  3. Live chat provides prompt, live, human interaction with customers online. Live chat technology with skills-based routing will direct them to the right agent group where they can get their issues resolved with expert knowledge and efficiency – as you wish!
  4. All 3 working together can succeed in meeting customer expectations of immediacy, self-service, and the human touch. Connecting an IVR experience to a VA experience or to live chat, or connecting a VA engagement to a live chat experience, will add to your brand’s message of “As you wish” by making sure customers are getting the information they need in the way they want. Routing the customer in a seamless way in which your brand’s look, feel, and voice is consistent throughout, and in which the customer does not have to repeat himself, shows him that your brand is devoted to providing excellent service.

Is an “As you wish” customer service “inconceivable” to your customers? If you want to discover more about transforming your brand’s customer experience to meet consumer expectations, contact us today!

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