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I’m thrilled this morning to send our congratulations to Barclays for receiving the “Best Application of Technology” Award at the 2013 European Call Centre Awards. Announced on October 2, 2013, these awards recognize organizations that are making the biggest impact on the contact centre and customer service industry.

Barclays’ Wealth & Investment Management business was chosen as the recipient of the award for its implementation of voice biometrics in the call centre, which has not only boosted security, but also elevated the customer experience. As you can see in the video that we released this week, Barclays’ call centre uses Nuance’s FreeSpeech voice biometrics technology to securely and automatically authenticate the identity of customers when engaging in natural conversation with a customer service agent. This voice biometrics solution, which replaced dated PIN/password solutions, has led to improved security, happier customers, and even happier agents who can now better concentrate on what their customers are calling about.

Results indicate that 97% of clients that have been offered the voice biometrics service have decided to use it as their means of identity verification, leading to a 60% reduction in customer complaints and 60% shorter calls. This level of adoption among Barclays’ customers is no surprise, however, as our recent surveys indicate that 85% of people are dissatisfied with current authentication methods, which typically require remembering multiple PINs, passwords, and security questions and that 90% of people are eager to use voice biometric solutions.

Take a look at the video to discover how the collaboration between Barclays and Nuance led to these award winning results.

Congratulations again to our partners at Barclays!

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