BizMisconnect: Avoid forgotten passwords with effortless authentication using voice biometrics

Consumers are increasingly reliant on technology to remember critical data – phone numbers, addresses, birthdays and more. Like me, do you find remembering a plethora of PINs, passwords and answers to security questions increasingly difficult? Intellectually, I’m grateful that businesses have processes in place to verify my identity, but in the moment, when I can’t recall a password or the phone number I provided six years ago, it’s annoying and time consuming. Voice biometrics is a proven solution for delivering secure authentication and eliminating the need for complex PINs and passwords. Let’s explore a common “BizMisconnect” that happens when customers forget – and how voice biometrics can help businesses avoid authentication disconnects.
Voice biometrics delivers easier, safer security authentication without the need for complex passwords and PINs.

The first date. An occasion filled with equal parts dread and anticipation. As much as dating apps – Tinder, Okay Cupid, Plenty of Fish, etc. – have changed how people connect, the desire to have a perfect first meeting with the person who may turn out to be THE one – remains constant.

Imagine how mortifying it would be to have your credit card declined at the end of the evening. It’s bad enough in the grocery line – but on a first date? Matters only get worse if you can’t remember your password or successfully answer the security questions and can’t clear up the trouble.

Unfortunately, it’s not an unusual circumstance. Many of us now rely on technology to track information we once new inherently – from phone numbers to birthdays – making it harder to recall PINS, passwords and our address from three moves ago. Let’s explore a common “BizMisconnect” that frustrates many consumers – and one that business can easily help customers avoid.

This video illustrates a real-world example of how voice biometrics can be a better alternative to traditional means of identification verification. Voice biometrics authenticates customers through their unique voice patterns instead of using traditional PINs, passwords and security questions. Not only does it provide a seamless customer experience, it helps deliver a more secure way to protect against fraudsters or data breaches.

Some of the world’s largest financial institutions, Tangerine and ING, are already leveraging voice biometrics to deliver this safer, easier authentication. Banco Santander Mexico became the first bank in México to deploy a voice biometrics solution to allow customers to use their voice to gain access to their accounts.

Previously, Santander’s customers needed to remember complex PINs and passwords and often couldn’t recall the answers to their security questions in order to gain access to their accounts. In fact, more than 60 percent of calls – out of 1.4 million customer calls – failed authentication. On average, this added more than a full minute (72 seconds) of additional time to each call before agents could assist the customer with their needs. This time-consuming process inhibited the caller from quickly completing their transaction and negatively impacted customer satisfaction.

Now, customers simply speak the phrase “At Banco Santander, my voice is my password” to be authenticated when they call into Santander’s interactive voice response (IVR) phone system. As of September 2014, Banco Santander had successfully enrolled 2.1 million customers with voice prints, and conducted over 4.1 million voice authentications. As a result of this technology, Banco Santander has been able to free up 53 agents to focus on other tasks, and realized $1 million in annual cost savings.

The “first date gone bad” scenario puts a humorous spin on the frustration customers experience and the costs companies incur when authentication relies on easily forgotten passwords and tortuous security questions. Implementing voice biometrics eliminates friction, increases security and reduces expense. In solving this BizMisconnect everyone wins.

Be sure to check back in the next few weeks for our final BizMisconnect scenario. Have you missed the others? Check out Taxi Trouble, Missed Flights and Failed Refills and discover how leading companies have eliminated common BizMisconnects.

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A Better Way to Authenticate

In this case study, learn how Banco Santander Mexico leveraged voice biometrics to improve the customer experience and deliver a safer way to authenticate customers.

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