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How do companies, like one of the largest banks in the world, stay inside the legal guardrails of state and federal regulation?

Last week I urged everyone in the customer engagement industry to write the FCC about the need to clarify and update their rules implementing the TCPA. That’s because as presently written and interpreted, the TCPA makes many legitimate, non-marketing uses of autodialers, recorded messages and system delivered text messages legally risky for companies who want to better engage with their customers.

While I certainly hope the FCC takes our comments to heart, it does beg the question of what we should do in the meantime. After all, consumers still need payment reminders, potential fraud warnings, and flight delay notifications. We have to deliver these without unwarranted legal risk, in compliance with the laws as they stand today.

That’s why Varolii helps our clients, including one of the largest banks in the world, stay inside the legal guardrails of state and federal regulation. We configure their customer engagement applications on the Varolii Interact platform to comply with restrictions governing the frequency of contact, the hours of contact and the ability to send communication to mobile devices. We do this in close consultation with their compliance professionals and our own regulatory experts, all without custom programming by their overburdened IT staff. Then we provide detailed reports that confirm their applications performed as required.

Will the laws ever catch up with technology? Maybe not, but we are working toward that end. Whatever the result of that effort, compliance will always be a priority; it just doesn’t need to be hard.

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Brian Moore

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Brian Moore, senior principal, industry solutions of Nuance’s Enterprise division, brings more than 30 years of experience in financial services, mortgage and collections operations and technology to the company. He is also our resident compliance expert, advising companies on the TCPA, FDCPA, TSR and other regulations impacting customer engagement.