Is your business feeling a little groggy? Wake it up with a conversational IVR

As customers are increasingly relying on intelligent self-service systems to get the information they need, they are experiencing longer wait times and a disconnect between what they need and the call center’s ability to provide necessary – and timely – help. So how can businesses give their contact center the jolt it needs? Companies can improve the caller and agent experience with conversational IVR and natural language understanding.
Finding city information is faster, easier and more enjoyable when using a conversational IVR.

Whether you’re a night owl, pulled an all-nighter or spent your evening tossing and turning, waking up in the morning can be difficult. Millions of people around the world turn to a big cup of coffee to give them that extra boost of energy necessary to keep them alert, productive and focusing on what’s important.


What’s coffee got to do with customer service?

Well, much like drinking a cup of coffee in the morning to keep you moving, one of the biggest cities in the country is getting a boost to its customer service experience with the help of a conversational IVR (interactive voice response) and natural language understanding. Like coffee, a conversational IVR can help keep city call centers alert and on their toes, even on the groggiest of days.


The need for more intelligent self-service options

Many contact centers use outdated IVR systems or extensive phone trees that lead to unnecessarily long wait times for callers, lengthier calls and high call volume. Call centers, which are responsible for a wealth of information, face a growing challenge when it comes to providing a quality experience: expanding customer expectations. Misroutes and multiple call transfers – and the frustrations that they bring – are growing less acceptable by the day. Call centers can no longer get by with phone trees or antiquated systems to service customers. If there was a place where a cup of caffeine-like efficiency could help, look no further.

Customers expect companies to be available all day, every day, and require answers to their questions more quickly than ever before, on whatever channel they prefer. More than 87% of Americans revealed that customer service has a significant impact on their decision to do business with a company, and 66% of consumers reported cancelling a service or ending a relationship with a business because of one bad service experience. The customer experience matters.

So, companies are looking for ways to meet customer expectations and provide easy, fast and convenient ways for people to access information.

Intelligent self-service is the answer.

Almost 60% of consumers feel automated self-service options have improved customer service and nine out of 10 consumers say they use automated self-service systems to complete transactions, so they don’t need to speak with a live agent.


See improvement with natural language understanding and conversational IVR

By implementing Nuance self-service technology in your contact center, you can engage callers in easy-to-follow conversation that directs them to the right information quickly – and with fewer misrouted calls or extensive department transfers. By engaging callers in conversational dialogue that allow people to speak naturally, natural language understanding helps direct callers to the right information faster and easier. In fact, 73% of consumers feel that interacting with an automated phone system they could converse with as if it were a live agent would significantly improve the experience.

Additionally, a conversational IVR with natural language understanding improves more than just the customer experience. It frees up call center agents to focus on more complex and rewarding interactions as their time spent managing simple tasks and transferring calls is significantly reduced.

Seamless and intelligent customer experiences are key to strengthening current relationships and establishing new ones. Using a conversational IVR can help improve your customer experience and bring you more business. Even though IVR, like coffee, cannot solve your problems alone, it acts as a fundamental boost that can make your business more efficient, nimble and proactive to the needs of your customers and employees alike. So drink up, because conversational IVR from Nuance is here to help.


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