Nuance call steering helps Garanti win award for “Best Implementation of Innovative Technology”

Garanti Bank has won “Best Implementation of Innovative Technology” at the recent Call Center Expo in Turkey. The award recognizes Garanti’s call steering deployment with Nuance in the call center which allows customers to speak naturally to state the reason for their call. Garanti is committed to providing its customers with technology that allows them to tend to their banking needs conveniently and has also recently introduced an intelligent virtual assistant on the mobile banking app

At the recent Call Center Expo in Turkey, Garanti Bank was honored for their innovative services in the call center. Garanti Bank, the second largest private bank in Turkey, was awarded “Best Implementation of Innovative Technology” for their call steering application. The company is dedicated to providing its customers with innovative products and services and has seen great success from the call steering deployment. The call steering portal implemented by Nuance and Speechouse has been active for just over a year and is used on over 4.2 million calls per month with 95% accuracy.

The technology allows customers to simply state the reason for their call instead of navigating through a lengthy menu maze of options, saving customers time and frustration.  It also has increased the ability for callers to self-serve, allowing customer representatives’ time to be optimized through handling the more complex inquires.

Garanti, which provides a wide range of financial services to more than 12.6 million customers, has recently deployed an intelligent virtual assistant on the mobile banking app to further differentiate itself and improve the customer experience. Garanti was the first bank in EMEA to implement the virtual assistant Nina, which allows customers to have an end-to-end speech enabled experience while mobile banking. Customer feedback has been extremely positive with the iGaranti app, ranking as the #1 free app in the iOS app store when it was first introduced and remaining popular since its introduction.

Nuance and Speechouse would like to congratulate Garanti for this great milestone in innovative customer service technology.

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