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Happy Earth Day! While printing less is an obvious way to be a little greener, did you know your customer engagement strategy is another opportunity to be green? Using proactive engagement technology, companies can increase their sustainability footprint, deliver a better customer experience and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.
Happy Earth Day 2015! Send a text, save the world.

Frogs. Granny smith apples. Martians. Shamrocks. Can you spot the trend? Of course you can– all of these items are green. And your company can be too! Of course I mean that from an environmental perspective. After all, it is Earth Day, and given that it is, I’m going to share a secret with you. While printing less is an obvious way to be a little greener, did you know that by using proactive engagement solutions to reach your customers, you can make your company greener, increase your sustainability footprint and even gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace?

Today, many leading firms incorporate sustainability efforts as part of their day-to-day business processes. It is simply part of the firm’s DNA and culture, and permeates corporate actions and activities. Coca-Cola is one such firm, aligning its sustainability efforts toward empowering women and furthering water stewardship, among other efforts. Similarly, Qualcomm also makes sustainability part of its daily corporate endeavors, focusing on minimizing the impact its manufacturing has on the environment and on the sustainability of its product design.

In fact, 91 percent of Fortune 200 companies address sustainability topics as either a standalone report or within the corporate website. But why are these companies doing this? One major reason is that by incorporating sustainability into their corporate efforts, they can gain a business advantage in the marketplace.

In 2014, McKinsey & Company did a global study that addressed the strategic worth of corporate sustainability efforts. The study found that sustainability is becoming a more strategic and integral part of the survey respondents business. It also noted that there were three primary reasons why firms are addressing sustainability. Sustainability:

  1. Aligns with the company’s business goals, mission and values;
  2. Builds, maintains or improves corporate reputation; and,
  3. Improves operational efficiency and lowers costs.

In addition, when McKinsey asked which sustainability activities are most important to maximizing financial value, the top two most cited responses were communicating the company’s sustainability activities to consumers and changing core business practices to strengthen or improve reputation.

This Earth Day, if sustainability is as important to your organization as ensuring high customer satisfaction, consider how proactive engagement might offer some assistance. These days, customers want and accept electronic communications, and your company can be greener by cutting way back on the amount of paper that is sent to your customers. By doing so, your firm gets to tout your sustainability activities (which can help improve your corporate reputation), improve operational efficiency and cut costs, plus enhance your customer’s satisfaction, all by using proactive engagement solutions!

Proactive engagement solutions can help improve the reach and effectiveness of your company’s customer service and collections activities by allowing you to reach out to customers in a manner in which they want. SMS text, email and voice messages can all be used to communicate with your customers in an automated and orchestrated manner for notifications, reminders, status updates or educational messages. In fact, proactive engagement solutions can even integrate with your inbound IVR system, so when your customer calls into the IVR, the system can greet them with a personalized message such as “Are you calling about the recent appointment reminder we sent you?” This enhances the customer experience and gets them to where they need to go in the IVR menu quickly and efficiently.

It’s a win all around! So send a text, and help save the planet. Happy Earth Day 2015!

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