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Taking the next step to address first call resolution

Many people press zero the moment they get to an automated system. Despite a company’s best intentions to create an effective, automated self-service solution, sometimes people just want to talk with an agent. But are your agents ready to help the customer? In the third installment of a new blog series devoted to enhancing first call resolution, Chris Caile explains how ensuring agents have the right resources at their fingertips increases the likelihood of resolving a call the first time.
Turn the call center into a more effective and satisfying experience for customers by empowering agents and ensuring they have all the relevant information they need.

“Please choose one of the following 4 options…” Ugh! Many people hear that and immediately know they are about to embark on an adventure through IVR menu mazes. To avoid the system and the complexities that go along with it, consumers often feel that their best option is to opt to talk to a human being instead. But what if the agents aren’t ready for the call? What if they don’t have the relevant information quickly at hand? Chances are, the call won’t be resolved quickly or on the first try. In my last post, we looked at how to calculate first call resolution (FCR) success rates and took our first step to improving that metric. Today, let’s explore the second of our four initiatives and talk about your agents.

A company’s contact center agents are the last line of defense in an organization’s customer service strategy. If a caller has exhausted all possibilities on the website, mobile app, and the IVR, this is where they end up. They don’t want to be transferred to someone else – or worse – be told they need to call back another time. When a caller reaches an agent, it is a critical moment to resolve the issue. Your agents have to be ready.


Fix-it Initiative #2 – Ensure agents have what they need

What does ready mean? It means ensuring your agents have access to all the information needed to resolve a caller’s query the first time. It’s possible that when a call comes to them, they have no information at all. Nothing transfers. It’s also possible that an agent might need to review a caller’s information– but unfortunately they don’t have access, because it’s stored on a different system. Agents without proper information are like golfers with only half of their clubs. They may muddle through and be okay but they won’t excel and it won’t be a satisfying or successful experience. The same holds true for your call center agents. Providing them the right tools and resources increases the likelihood your customers will go away happy the first time and come back for a second.

Companies can achieve this using 3 keys to success:

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Once you ensure the right calls reach your agents and they have access to the necessary information, the last success point is about bringing it all together to ensure quick identification and visibility. This requires strong integration between systems and agent desktop technologies. Nuance works with companies worldwide on Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Desktop Services for faster response times and improved customer satisfaction.

Preparing the agents is a critical step in driving first call resolution success, but check back over the next few weeks for the last two initiatives to ensure your company is helping customers get their problems solved the first time.



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Four Strategies for Improving First Call Resolution

FCR improvements are within reach and can deliver an immediate boost to customer satisfaction and your bottom line. It just takes the right strategies and this new guide will show you how.

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