Meeting banking customer needs with multichannel communications

The modern consumer is on the move, requiring new solutions to help them stay connected to their information and easily get things done. That’s why, if you’re trying to attract and retain today’s banking customer, multichannel banking is important to serve them when, where and how they want. It’s important to provide them with the self-service channels they need – and prefer – to quickly and securely get things done across IVR, mobile and Web.

In today’s society, we still do an awful lot of banking – and being able to do this seamlessly across multiple channels is key. From credit card payments, to check deposits, to loans- consumers want an effortless way to get their banking needs done quickly and efficiently.

For instance, my wife still gets a paper check from her employer, and there are a couple of other checks that also need to be deposited. The credit card bills from the holidays just came in and, despite our best efforts to keep to a gift budget this year, I need to move some money from savings to checking to cover those. I’m also planning to buy a CD to eke out a few more basis points of yield in our rainy day fund. And, the car is leaking oil and making a funny noise – So, I want to get pre-approved for a car loan before I head out in search of a new ride.

That’s a lot of banking in one week! The great thing is that it should take me about 15 minutes – less if I don’t stop to make myself another coffee – to get this all completed. However, what’s most interesting isn’t the amazing array of technology I’ll use to get my banking done so quickly…

Yes, the remote deposit capture feature in my mobile banking app is very cool. So is my bank’s virtual assistant, where natural language understanding (NLU) will correctly interpret my spoken request to transfer funds from savings to checking. The interesting part is that I now expect all of this technology to be at my disposal and to work flawlessly. And, I’m not alone.

The modern consumer has gotten used to one-click shopping, talk to text, and instant access to just about any piece of information they want. They’re increasingly intolerant of any difficulty in getting things done. Most consumers today would find it unacceptable to be forced to go to the bank branch to deposit a check.

That’s why if you’re trying to attract and retain today’s banking customer, you better be ready to serve them when, where and how they want, providing self-service solutions, pro-active engagement and personalization for a great experience. It’s important to offer them the interaction channels they need – and prefer – to quickly and securely get things done across interactive voice response (IVR), mobile and Web.

Worried? Don’t be. Even if you think your institution is behind the technology curve, it’s never been easier to catch up with or even pass your competitors. There are proven principles to create effective multi-channel self-service experiences and deliver exceptional customer service that’s smart and secure. To learn more, join us for a webinar on February 12 at 2:00PM Eastern where we’ll share these best practices and more.

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Serving the Multichannel Customer

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