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In an exciting announcement, Nuance declared that Nina now has an expanded set of capabilities. These upgrades will allow Nina to deliver customer service that is easy to use, accurate and effective. Nina is now a multi-channel assistant that can interact across a variety of customer self-service applications, additionally Nina is now multi-lingual and can recognize and speak 38 languages. These capabilities allow enterprises to take full advantage of a virtual assistant, providing customers with the self-service they desire.

We’re excited to announce that Nina, the virtual assistant for customer service, has been expanded to the web, now adding text-based virtual assistant capabilities to enterprise web marketing, ecommerce and support applications. Nina has become smarter, with the ability to engage in customer service conversations and connect to existing enterprise back-office applications. And, Nuance has made Nina multi-lingual, with the ability to recognize and speak 38 languages.

With these expanded capabilities, Nina is now a multi-channel solution, delivering the same intelligent, natural interactions across a variety of customer self-service applications, including text messaging, voice, mobile apps and the web. On web sites, Nina presents a human-like virtual agent that can quickly resolve customer requests, while conveying the brand essence of an enterprise. When needed, Nina Web intelligently routes conversations to live agents, with connectivity to systems such as Live Person®, Moxie® and others. Nina AgentTM provides human-like customer service conversations via text or speech interactions, using Nuance natural language understanding (NLU), and connectivity to CRM, ERP and database systems.

It’s clear that more than ever, Nina represents a significant opportunity for enterprises to leverage the full power of intelligent systems to deliver customer self-service solutions that are easy to use, accurate and effective. In fact, not only do 75% of consumers actually prefer self-service due to its speed, accuracy and convenience but, according to Forrester Research, 67% of people sought customer service via a company’s web site in 2012. With Nina WebTM, Nuance is defining the new face of customer service online.

To see a demonstration of Nina, go here, and for the full press release, go here.

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