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Physical and digital worlds are coming together in customer service. Consumers want to engage organizations digitally through the web or mobile apps and, when needed, use the “physical” world and call the contact center for more complex issues. Unfortunately, many times they can’t move between channels efficiently, which creates a poor customer service experience. Nuance IVR to Digital makes it easier for callers to move seamlessly from traditional phone calls to digital channels for increased customer satisfaction and optimized channel engagement.
improving customer service and reducing costs with IVR to digital

It’s human nature to seek ways to get things done in the easiest or most convenient manner possible. We search for the shortest line at the grocery store and the fastest way to get products delivered. And while this has increasingly been happening due to a rise in cool new apps or an online experience, more organizations are extending this further by connecting the digital and physical worlds. Today we can order a TV on the web and pick it up in store the same day. Or you can try on clothes in a store and get the exact right color or size shipped direct to your home from the company website.

This bridging of physical and digital worlds applies to customer service, too. Consumers engage organizations digitally through the web or mobile apps and, when needed, use the “physical” world and call the contact center for more complex issues. When they engage, they want the freedom to move between channels to best suit their needs. But guess what? Many times they can’t move efficiently between each channel, which creates a poor customer service experience.

Forward thinking organizations must find ways to allow customers to move between channels without complexity, while at the same time reducing costs by moving callers from higher cost channels like the contact center to less expensive channels such as the web. Today this is difficult to achieve, and it typically results in someone hanging up and starting over.


IVR to Digital to the rescue

Good news! The Nuance IVR to Digital offering can help. IVR to Digital helps callers move seamlessly from traditional phone calls to digital experiences such as a virtual assistant or live chat.

Imagine that someone calls your contact center only to find the wait times longer than normal. This might normally involve waiting on hold or a call-back option, but with IVR to Digital companies can offer callers the choice to get immediate help from a virtual assistant or chat. And the decision is up to the customer. Callers remain in control and choose the channel that best suits their situation. The result is a more satisfied caller who gets their issue resolved faster and an organization that reduces call center volumes.

And there’s more. Besides moving people due to long queue times, IVR to Digital also enhances information delivery by allowing agents to better assist callers with more complicated transactions in a simplified manner. Imagine if someone calls trying to re-set their password. Contact center agents can use the automated guides feature to set up a co-browsing session on the web and visually show customers how to both re-set their password and learn where the steps are for the future. Teaching callers to solve issues directly provides a better overall customer experience and reduces the need for future calls on the same issue.

Implementing an IVR to Digital solution allows organizations to both offer their customers a better experience and optimize channel use. Targeting features mean that only selected customers are presented the option to move out of the call center – keeping organizations in charge of the channels and allowing them to best optimize their channel engagement.


Physical + Digital = Omni-channel

Today’s service channels are disconnected and IVR to Digital makes it possible for organizations to successfully pair the digital experience with the “physical” phone and offer true connected, omni-channel experiences. This approach benefits callers and companies alike with improved customer satisfaction and optimized channel engagement.

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