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In a world filled with chatbots, this virtual assistant rises to the top

Chatbots, chatbots everywhere! How do you know which one is the right one to use for your enterprise? Forrester can tell you - in their new report, The Top 10 Chatbots for Enterprise Customer Service, in which Nuance Nina was ranked #1 Chatbot Vendor. Here, George Skaff explains why this virtual assistant rose to the top of the world of chatbots.
Virtual assistants rise to the top before chatbots in the world of customer service

How can a virtual assistant win in a ranking of top chatbots? According to the new Forrester report, The Top 10 Chatbots for Enterprise Customer Service, “To truly meet a need for enterprise-grade customer service, chatbots (also called virtual assistants and cognitive agents) must be able to understand what a customer speaks or types, discern their intent, respond in a conversational manner, and act on the customer’s behalf.”

The word “chatbot” is used interchangeably with AI, virtual assistant, personal assistant and messaging, but essentially a chatbot has very limited functionality and can answer questions according to a set script. Intelligent chatbots can recognize customer intent and can evolve through machine learning.

A virtual assistant, on the other hand, has a distinction that makes a huge difference. The industry definition of a virtual (customer) assistant is a business application that simulates a conversation in order to deliver information and, if advanced, takes action on behalf of the customer to perform transactions.

So, although chatbots and virtual assistants are on two very different levels, they’re put into the same category of customer service technology because enterprises need to evaluate both according to their individual needs.

Announced in today’s report by Forrester Research, Nuance Nina is cited as a Recommended Product, receiving the number one ranking amongst the 10 most significant chatbot/virtual assistant vendors in the market.

It’s not a surprise to us that Nina topped the charts. Nina is conversational, recognizes intent, and learns from historical transcripts. Live agents assist Nina in some of its conversations- a new functionality called Nina Coach. In some cases, the best resolution is for the VA to seamlessly transfer the customer to a live chat agent within the same window. This interaction and partnership between virtual and live agents help Nina to learn, also known as the “learning loop,” by feeding in conversations and actions so Nina knows the answer moving forward.

Yet, the human touch is only part of the reason that Nuance Nina was named the Top Chatbot for Enterprise Customer Service by Forrester Research. Nina differentiates itself from other “chatbots” in that it can be implemented into an omni-channel framework on multiple channels, from desktop to mobile app, from SMS to voice (IVR). It uses natural language understanding (NLU), multimodal biometric security, and robust analytics capabilities. Not only is Nuance a technological leader in the chatbot/virtual assistant arena, but it also shines in producing proven results of increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

To get the full story of this impressive win, read more here or download the full report here.

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